4 Video Content Ideas to Convert Viewers Into Customers

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, there are some great ways to create compelling video content. Consider content, which is centred around your area of expertise. This type of video can help establish yourself as an expert in your field and grow your YouTube and other social media channel subscribers. For example, Samsung’s video on workplace safety addressed a higher level issue related to workplace safety.

The most important thing to keep in mind when making a video is that it should be entertaining from the start to the end. Adding music and sound effects can help set the mood, increase viewer engagement, and help you reach your conversion goals. Try incorporating background music and sound effects. While you’re at it, watch other similar videos. You might find one that suits your style best. If this is the case, consider using the same style and theme. Click here to learn more about how to create quickly with this video maker.

1) First Things First: Always Create an Idea Map When Using a Video Maker

Before creating a video, you should create an idea map. This map will outline the elements and details of the video. With the idea map, you can build a script and write it. You can also research your topic to add more layers to your video. The idea map will help you craft a script that reaches your goal of converting viewers into customers. There are many ways to create a compelling video.

You can discuss any topic in a video, so long as it answers the two key questions that make it unique. If you are unsure of what topics to cover, try using YouTube’s autosuggestions. Then, use your main keyword in the title, description, and tags of your video. You can also try using the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension to research keywords and keyword phrases. These two tools are free and easy to use.

2) Advertise on Your Social Platforms

When you want your video to go viral, you need to make sure that you distribute it well. You need to use as many platforms as possible, so making sure your video is optimised for the platform on which it’s being published will make all the difference. It’s proven that uploading videos on your website increases conversions by as much as 80%. The same is true of social media. Just be sure to use social media sharing buttons when possible to optimise the content.

A good starting point is to observe what your competitors are doing with video content. You can join their mailing list and look at the content they’re posting. Facebook has a transparency tool that will show you which ads your competitors are using. Also, look at the topics they’re using and if you see a trend. This way, you can incorporate similar topics in your own videos. If they’re not working, you can try a different topic.

While some YouTube subscribers may not need much nurturing, others will be ready to buy immediately. In such cases, consider creating different types of videos for different audiences. You can create a short-form demo to show your product in action and then link it back to the product page. If you create more than one type of video, you’ll increase your chances of converting your viewers into customers. You’ll also increase your YouTube subscribers.

3) Always Add Call-to-Actions

You can also use video overlays to add a call to action. Promo.com, for example, allows you to add CTAs to your videos. It can also integrate e-mail links and social sharing buttons. Then, the video can be recorded in different languages. Another useful option is using a voiceover. With this, you can target your videos based on geolocation. If the video is short, the message should be clear and compelling.

4) Bonus Tips: Attract Audiences Using Popular Video Formats

A great video type is an educational one. Similar to product videos, education videos are a valuable asset for your target audience. They allow people to learn a new concept or skill. Moreover, they help to retain information longer. For instance, the SEO for Startups video was created for this exact purpose. And while an educational video may not generate high sales right away, it can help your business grow.

Another great video content idea is a video explaining a process or product. If you can write a good story and have some acting skills, you can make a video about it. It’s important to know your audience before making a video, though. If you’re a company looking to expand its customer base, a video about how it works will be more relevant than a generic video.

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