5 Best Famous Tourist Spots in The City of London

5 Best Famous Tourist Spots in The City of London

London is one of the oldest cities in the world and it is a high valuable city in England. London, the capital and busy city of United Kingdom, was built in ancient time but it develops rapidly day by day. After the first world’s war, London was the most remarkable and points of the politics in around the world. By those time, there has built many attractive and world’s fascinating sights and those are also attracted the tourists always. So, it is not doubt that London is a charming and world fascinating city in England.

 There are many attractive places, visiting there from every corner of the world to see and know about the world’s history.  After reading this article you will be able to know about top 5 famous places in London. I will try to give you more information about the places that I already mentioned below.   

  • 1 The British Museum: The British Museum is a historical public institution has very scarce collections and it has been wide collected in the time of British Empire. It has wide variety of cultural history, arts, human and natural resources and many things in the beginning to the present. It is situated in Montagu House in the area of Bloombsbury in London. The world first museum established in 1753 and it was opened to the public in 1759. The overall things that, if you are interested to world history, it will better to you to go to the national museum of London for broadcasting your knowledge and growing up your thesis skills.


  • 2 Tower of London: Tower of London is the UNESCO world heritage site was built in 1066. It is in London Borough of Tower Hamlets, in the north bank of the central river and till now it is one of the best tourists spot in London. It has the brilliantly displayed crown jewels and armours which implicit in it and that’s why it’s looking so awesome. It’s so full of British history that is well worth a visit. So, all of those knowing you will be also interested to go to there and take it’s awesome view and enrich your knowledge. A man who are interested it and have enough money, so why he aren’t going there and hampering his knowledge pathways.


  • 3 London Eye: Amongst the most mysterious places in London, London eye is one of them. Its alternative name is Millennium Wheel, and is situated on the South Bank of the River Thames. It is the tallest cantilevered wheel of London that attracts the tourist and annually visitors is over 3.4 million. If you will go to London for business or other work pleasurably, then you can go there for relief your working stress and also, it can be given you better feelings too. So, I recommended you to go there, if you are able to have much money. Because it’s charming view is so awesome to see all the city area of London.


  • 4 Tower Bridge: If you are asking me, which bridge is so good to see, then, I will make a note all the bridges and will tell you the result is “Tower Bridge”. Because it is a beautiful landmark wearing glass panels makes it a precious and iconic bridge that I have never seen yet. It is stayed over the river Thames and connected between each terminal sites of London. The 240 meters length and 65 meters height, makes the bridge its unique structures. From beginning to now it is the best tourists-sight in everybody. In and out-side of the London’s people often go there during their leisure period. So, you can also go there spending your vacation and will get much pleasure and refresh your mind.


  • 5 Crystal Palace Park: Crystal Palace Park is also known as the Victorian park situated South London crystal area and it is rebuilt mainly with some reconstruction and creation a broad ground. It extends out field are and has many dinosaurs and has many cute of little maze that is so good to expenditure your time. Even, it is always favorable to the kids. You can take to go with your family to spend a good moment. Every year, people all around the world visit there getting a good feelings as well as spent a special time that makes them more effective and less laziness.

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