5 Ways To Celebrate New Year in Dubai like a Star

Dubai is a city full of surprises and opportunities. The city is known for its exotic culture, amazing architecture and rich history. Dubai has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world because it offers so much to tourists who visit it from all over the globe. You can enjoy many things during your stay in this beautiful destination including going shopping at malls or browsing through shops selling designer brands. If you are planning on celebrating New Year with family members or friends then here are some ideas that will make your stay memorable:

Private Desert Safari in Dubai

You can enjoy the desert safari in Dubai. It is a great way to celebrate New Year in Dubai and also a relaxing experience. The desert safari will give you an opportunity to relax and enjoy the beautiful desert.

You can spend quality time with friends and family while enjoying this amazing experience of Desert Safari in Dubai

Rent a Yacht to Celebrate New Year

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to celebrate with your friends and family. A yacht party on New Year’s Eve is a great way to start 2023 right! Renting a yacht in Dubai makes it easy for you to enjoy all the fun of celebrating while still being able to keep an eye on your wallet. You can rent yachts from our list of luxury yachts and enjoy your stay with friends or family as well as having time alone if desired. We have plenty of options available so don’t hesitate calling us today!

Luxury Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai

What is a dhow cruise dinner? A dhow cruise dinner is an event that combines the best of both worlds: dining and entertainment. It’s an authentic Arabian experience, but with all the luxuries of modern life. The boat will sail out onto the waters of Dubai Creek to enjoy some delicious food, drinks and music on board before heading back to shore where you can continue dancing all night long!

How long does it take? The average duration for this event is about 3 hours (1 hour on land + 2 hour at sea). However if you want more time then we recommend hiring one of our luxury dhow cruises instead which averages 3 hours in length due to its longer range from land! Where do I begin booking my party? You can either book directly from us or through our partner company Emirates Holidays who offer great deals on flights too!

Go for a Hatta Mountain Tour

Hatta Mountain is a beautiful mountain in Dubai, which you can visit during your stay in the emirate. It’s a great way to spend your time in Dubai and enjoy the natural beauty of this city.

The highlight of Hatta Mountain Tour is its beautiful views, so it’s recommended that you go for this tour during the afternoon when everything looks stunning from up there.

Rent a Helicopter in Dubai

If you want to celebrate New Year in Dubai like a star, then it’s time to rent a helicopter! The best way to do this is through a company that offers packages that include everything from transportation and lodging to entertainment and food.

You can also choose your own flight date, time of arrival and departure from the airport or heliport, as well as where you want your pilot/flight attendant/hostess (if applicable) to meet you. For example: if there are two people in your group who will be flying in together but have different destinations at different times during their trip then they may not need their own helicopter service so they can share one between them instead; however if everyone on board wants each other’s company while they’re traveling around then having two separate helicopters would be ideal!

New year celebration at Dubai is worth experiencing.

  • New Year is a special time of the year. It’s an opportunity for you to spend time with family and friends, give some gifts, eat delicious food and drink more alcohol than usual.
  • Dubai has many hotels where you can stay during this period of celebration in Dubai like Atlantis the Palm Resort & Spa or Jumeirah Beach Hotel & The Palm JBR. You can also stay at hotels near malls such as Mall of the Emirates or Dubai Festival City as well as resorts like Jumeirah Al Maktoum Beach Resort & Spa which are all within walking distance from each other so that it’s easy to go between them when needed!


Dubai is one of the most amazing cities in the world, so why not celebrate New Year here? There are many ways to do it and you can choose your favorite one. Just by visiting these places will make you feel like a star, and yes, doesn’t forget to take selfie. Happy Traveling!

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