6 Must-have qualities in an off-road jeep

Are you an off-road enthusiast? There is a trail treasure hidden up in the Cherry hills of New Jersey, and you must know about it. Bowling green trail, Croft farm trail, Down farm trail, Cherry valley trail, Thomas Paine trail, and many more are waiting for you.

These trails will never deny giving you a great experience if you have a quality off-road jeep. If you already own a jeep, do the needed tinkering. If you are going to get a new one, reach out to the jeep dealers in Cherry Hill to make a quality jeep yours to enjoy every off-road trail in Cherry Hill. Before that, here are some typical qualities available in an off-road jeep. Have a read!

Power steering

Every typical jeep today is equipped with power- steering. It is a very acclaimed feature that reduces the effort in steering the wheel. It works under the guidance of hydraulic or electric actuators that gives energy to the steering mechanism.

Anti-lock braking system

It is a very prominent feature and is not only available in jeeps but even in aircraft, trucks, and buses. During braking, it helps prevent the wheels from locking up and thus, maintains the tractive contact on the road surface. This enables more control of the vehicle and the driver. It works on the principles of threshold braking and cadence braking.


Accidents are highly risky during an off-road journey, and so every jeep does have an airbag for protection. It can save you from front collision protecting the head and chest.

However, you reap its exclusive benefits only when you have secured yourself with the seat belt. Airbags are integrated with the wheel’s impact absorber to monitor any dangerous trigger. Once triggered, the airbags will break the seam with the gas-filled air cushion.

Fog lights

These are round-shaped lights found in front of your car. Unlike the standard lights, fog light illuminates just the road ahead. It makes it a perfect vehicle for off- roads. It is beneficial during poor weather conditions like mist and rain. Typically, headlights with too much brightness will reflect into the driver’s eyes during low visibility. Fog lights solve this problem.

Power windows

When it is possible to open and close a window with buttons, it is a power window. It was introduced as early as the 1940s. It replaced the manual handles in no time. Initially, it was installed in cars with separate accessories. But now, as everyone prefers this, it is a built-in feature in every vehicle.

Alloy wheels

Light metals like aluminum, nickel, and magnesium are combined as an alloy for the jeep wheels. The reason behind using this alloy is that it is very lightweight when compared to steel wheels. Lightweight alloy wheels help in quicker acceleration and faster stopping, which is very much needed in an off-road vehicle. Jeep dealers in Cherry Hill will never miss specifying this feature when you visit their showroom. They also explain how it helps the Cherry Hill trails’ extreme driving conditions.

Finally, most of the jeeps currently on the market come with all the above features. However, making a check on all the features that are very important for safety is essential.

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