7 Lesser-Known Italian Cities for Your Idyllic Destination Wedding

7 Lesser-Known Italian Cities for Your Idyllic Destination Wedding

Italy is a popular choice when it comes to couples of all ages choosing their dream wedding location in a far-flung destination. It has the benefit of an abundance of breath-taking venues with historical impact and stunning views. It enjoys great weather and offers delicious food ensuring a special day will be enjoyed by the bride and groom, and of course the guests too.

Popular Italian wedding destinations are familiar to us all, for example, the romantic capital city of Rome, the city of art and culture Florence or the elegant and glamourous Venice. But look a little further afield and it is possible to discover plenty of lesser-known cities and towns across Italy which will provide an even more unique backdrop to the most important day of a couple’s life.

There are several benefits of extending the search beyond the better-known major cities. Many choose destination weddings because they wish to have an intimate wedding with a smaller number of guests. You will find great choice of all-inclusive venues that can cater to accommodation needs in addition to holding the wedding ceremony and reception, which will reduce the need for guests to travel even more.

Benefits of going off the beaten track

Moving away from the most popular destinations means the demand will be less and the price may reflect this, allowing a couple to make their budget stretch further. Away from touristy areas it is possible to have a more authentic experience and see the true Italy, eat locally produced food and specialities meaning a more unique experience for the entire wedding party.

Something to bear in mind when planning a destination wedding is to budget for a wedding planner. A professional wedding planner such as White Emotion will be able to provide a bespoke service and plenty of local knowledge and advice. This will be especially important if you are venturing further afield for a truly unique wedding day.

Another important note is to ensure that the location is easily accessible. Many of the suggested cities which follow are conveniently located a short distance or within easy access to international airports meaning only a brief journey is required after arrival in Bella Italia!

  1. Siena

Siena is a beautifully quaint medieval city nestled in the heart of Tuscany. Its distinctive architecture, unique fan-shaped piazza and narrow cobbled streets transport visitors to a different era.

It is a hugely popular day trip destination due to its close proximity to the region’s most famous city, Florence. But the experience of the enjoying the city into the evening once all the tourists have gone is magical.

It is an idyllic location for a wedding abroad with romantic and historical castles and palaces available for both civil and religious ceremonies.

  1. Assisi

Located in the hills of the Umbrian countryside, this beautiful city is a wonderful alternative to Tuscany. It is most notably the birthplace of St. Francis, one of the patron saints of Italy, making it a popular stop over for tourists. That being said the region still enjoys relative calm compared to other more popular areas.

The medieval city of Assisi is characterised by its myriad of winding streets set into the green and hilly landscape with the dominant Basilica of St Francis to one end of the town.

It would be a great option for those looking for a traditional setting and a religious wedding ceremony.

  1. Verona

Best known as the setting for William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Verona has all you would expect from a typical Italian city, including its very own Roman amphitheatre, just on a slightly smaller scale.

It is located approximately one hour from Venice making it very accessible to international couples and a straightforward journey for guests.

Here you will find a wealth of gorgeous villas available for private hire, each one exuding in beauty and romance.

  1. Otranto

For couples who dream of being married along the Italian coastline, but want to avoid the crowded and often costly Amalfi coast, Otranto is the perfect alternative. Situated along the southern tip of the Puglia region. It is relatively untouched by mass tourism, but certainly an up-and-coming area.

Otranto is a historic port town with views of the Adriatic Sea that can easily rival other Italian seaside towns. There are a surprising number of castles which cater for luxurious weddings in this area.

The regions main airport is Bari, which makes it easily accessible and the greatest benefit is that the weather is dry and sunny for a large portion of the year.

  1. Syracuse

If looking for a spot with rustic charm and the beach vibes of island life then look no further than Syracuse, Sicily. It is less than an hour from Catania airport which is really convenient for travel.

This charming town is a special blend of ancient Greek ruins, al fresco dining in typical Italian squares set to the backdrop of the blue sea and brightly coloured citrus trees.

Just outside the town it is possible to find wedding venues amongst vineyards, farms and estates that would be an unforgettable experience for family and friends.

  1. Bergamo

Another destination a little off the beaten track is Bergamo. It has its own airport which caters to European visitors visiting Milan such is its proximity to the cosmopolitan city. It is an equally short distance from the glamourous Lake Como making it a convenient location to begin your honeymoon for a balance for city sight-seeing and relaxing upmarket port towns.

Here you will find plenty of tiny chapels, villas and small palaces which offer elegance in this hidden gem of a city.

  1. Rimini

Here is an option for sun worshipers and party lovers. Rimini is situated along the north western coast in the region of Emilia-Romagna.

Whilst a hugely popular resort amongst Italians, it has yet to be discovered by many foreigners. For those looking to surprise guests with something new it is a great option.

Couples will have ample choice of luxurious and modern hotels in which to host there wedding celebrations.

Rimini is most famed for its nightlife and golden sandy beaches as well as its architecture making it a fantastic choice for fun loving or young at heart couples.

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