7 Ways to Use Kratom with Cannabis - Guide 2.0

7 Ways to Use Kratom with Cannabis – Guide 2.0

Cannabis is popular among most users. However, recently kratom is also gaining a lot of newfound popularity. With the rise in popularity of kratom, many people wonder if they can use kratom with cannabis. This combination is an interesting one. Let us see if it is possible to use kratom with cannabis. We will also see what the best ways that users can go about using kratom with cannabis are. Using kratom with cannabis may have some inherent risks because you mix two different substances. However, if you take all the recommended and necessary precautions, you should not face any difficulties. Let us look at seven ways to use kratom with cannabis


What is Kratom?

Kratom is a particular species of tree that originates in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia. The kratom tree is precious because of its leaves. Manufacturers take the leaves of the kratom trees, and then they dehydrate them. After they dehydrate the leaves, manufacturers make a powdered substance. This kratom powder is then available for purchase in stores. There are also raw kratom leaves that are available in the market. Kratom products are precious because they provide many benefits. Kratom offers many benefits that are both medicinal and recreational. Kratom helps you relax, but it also offers many beneficial qualities that will help you improve your overall quality of life. When you consume kratom, you no longer have to deal with anxiety or depression. Kratom also possesses anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties that will help you get rid of physical ailments. Kratom also helps individuals improve their sleep quality and sleep duration. Many users report that after consuming kratom, their overall quality of life improves drastically. The excellent quality of kratom is that there is no prescribed or recommended dosage, so individuals are free to set their dosage. When users have such freedom when consuming kratom, it gives them complete control over the entire experience.

Can You Use Kratom with Cannabis?

No restriction prevents individuals from using kratom with cannabis. Kratom and cannabis offer some overlapping benefits, so people would naturally want to use them together. When you use kratom and cannabis together, you can experience the benefits of both substances. Some benefits that overlap intensify, allowing users to get more from their experience. You can undoubtedly use kratom with cannabis, as long as you are careful and you follow all the precautions. Let us look at some creative ways through which you can use kratom with cannabis.

7 Ways to Use Kratom with Cannabis 

There are innumerable ways to use kratom with cannabis. Let us look at the seven most fun ways. If you come up with a new way to consume kratom with cannabis, feel free to go ahead with that if it is safe to do so. If you are looking for ideas to get started, follow the below list to begin your journey of using bulk kratom with cannabis.

  • Take them both Traditionally 

The most obvious way to take kratom with cannabis is by traditionally taking both substances. You can take kratom and cannabis in the form you traditionally take it. All you need is to take one substance after the other. This combination of taking kratom and cannabis together will allow you to experience the benefits of both substances. Ensure that you take a limited dose of both substances to not go overboard with them.

  • Bake Kratom Infused Cannabis Brownies

Cannabis brownies are incredibly delicious, and they help deliver a smooth high. If you like baking, you can infuse your cannabis brownies with kratom. Follow your regular cannabis brownie recipe to make cannabis brownies, and add some kratom powder in the batter for your brownies before you bake them. This method is a simple yet highly effective way to ensure that you can consume kratom with cannabis. It would help to take the time to do the preparations adequately to avoid negative consequences. You should ensure that your kratom powder mixes well with the cannabis brownie batter so that your brownies bake evenly. It would be ideal if you also researched to figure out the perfect proportions for your ingredients.

  • Drink Kratom Tea while Smoking Cannabis

Many users prefer smoking cannabis. So, when you smoke cannabis, you can prepare kratom tea using kratom tea leaves, and you can drink it simultaneously. Drinking kratom tea while smoking cannabis will allow you to experience the benefits of both substances together. Drinking kratom tea while smoking cannabis can be an excellent combination that will help you relax.


  • Eat Cannabis Gummies with Kratom Powder

If you have cannabis gummies, there is an easy way to consume kratom with cannabis. You can take your cannabis gummies, and you can cover them with kratom powder. You can take some kratom powder and you can sprinkle it on top of your cannabis gummies. This method will allow you to consume both kratom and cannabis in one go. Taking kratom with cannabis gummies can be pretty fun.

  • Mix Kratom Powder with Your Cannabis Roll

When rolling a joint, you can sprinkle some kratom powder to consume kratom while smoking cannabis. Again, you need to ensure that you prepare your blunt carefully, keeping all the proper proportions in mind. This method is excellent because you do not have to make any significant deviation from your traditional preparation method.

  • Make Cannabis-Infused Kratom Tea

Making cannabis-infused kratom tea can be another fun way of consuming both substances together. You can drink cannabis-infused kratom tea in the morning to maximize your benefits. Just add some cannabis to your kratom tea, and you are ready to go.

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  • Add Both Kratom Powder and Cannabis to a Food or Beverage of Your Choice

Another simple yet effective way of consuming cannabis and kratom together is by mixing them in a food or beverage of your choice. With this method, individuals do not have to make too much of an effort. You will also be able to feast on your favorite foods while experiencing the benefits of both cannabis and kratom.


There are many different and exciting ways through which you can take kratom and cannabis together. There is no harm if you want to experiment with taking kratom and cannabis together. However, it is ideal to remember that your safety is the topmost priority. It would help if you always ensured that you did not go overboard with your experiment. Research online to understand the full implications of taking kratom with cannabis before starting your journey. You can also lookup detailed information on the best practices while consuming kratom with cannabis to minimize your risks.

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