9mm Remington Ammo – Why’s the Cartridge Caliber So Popular?

When it comes to shooting, 9mm Remington ammo falls into perhaps the most popular round caliber in existence. It’s very much a staple for police officers, hunters and Americans exercising their second amendment rights. But what is it that makes them as popular as they are?

Ask most handgun owners what they like about 9mm rounds, it’s likely to be their ease of use and longevity, as 9mm handguns tend to go and go and go. Roughly 100,000 rounds will be fired during the lifespan of your typical handgun, so the amount that is bought is astronomical! 

Unsurprisingly, 9mm handguns represent the most common type available in the US and are popular due to their diminutive size and ease of concealment. 

9mm Remington Ammo Offers a Lot 

There are a number of compelling factors that feed into why 9mm is the caliber of choice for the majority of American gun owners. 

  • Decent stopping power – the 9mm might not pack the punch of its larger calibered cousins, but it’s still enough to take down attackers with 1-2 well-aimed shots. You’re typically getting a decent amount of rounds to play with too, so you have more than enough to deter an assailant. 
  • Freedom of weapon choice – another benefit of 9mm rounds is that you get lots of freedom of weapon to use them in. There are a ton of 9mm handguns and some great carbines out there. 
  • Great balance – offering the ideal balance between accuracy and stopping power, rounds like 9mm Remington ammo give you a little bit of everything and more than enough punch to protect yourself if the time comes. 
  • Low Cost – 9mm rounds are manufactured in their billions each and every year, which has a rather nice knock-on effect of bringing the cost right down. As such, your typical box of 9mm cartridges won’t cost you much more than $20 or so. 
  • A proven history – 9mm cartridges have been around since the start of the 20th century, meaning that there’s a weight of wisdom and experience in every one. This has led to some pretty major advancements over the years, refining the product into what we see today. 

9mm Remington Ammo – A Legendary Multi-use Caliber

As a gun owner, you don’t want to be held back by weapons or cartridges that limit what you can do with them. That’s never been a problem for 9mm cartridges, as they’re used in so many different weapons and just as many scenarios. 

Right now, nothing comes close to the 9mm in terms of popularity. Will that always be the case? Probably not. However, it will be a long time until the sheer flexibility, cost-effectiveness and versatility of this caliber are surpassed. 

The US military switched to widespread use of the 9mm back in 1985 and hasn’t looked back since. When a caliber is adopted in such a way, it’s for a reason. If it’s good enough for the Army – it’s got to be good enough for you and me! 

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