A Concise Guide to Transforming Your Home into an Oasis of Calm

The busy modern world means that most people, in fairness both children and adults, have such a tightly packed schedule compromising personal and professional duties and responsibilities that they spend far less time at home than their parents and grandparents ever did.

With that being said, to help you relax and enjoy the home, you work so hard to maintain and keep, here is a concise guide to transforming your home into an oasis of calm. 

Create a Meditation Corner

A meditation corner is certainly not what some people imagine when they hear those words. Instead of creating a 1970s hippie sanctuary in the middle of your spare bedroom, this actually refers to creating a space that is specifically designed for peaceful and tranquil relaxation

Cover the floor area you have chosen in a soft, thick throw or blanket, invest in a few oversized cushions, and treat yourself to a large, scented candle with a crackling wick. Moreover, you could also use the space to bring the outdoors inside and choose one or two indoor-loving house plants to ensure the air is clear and fresh. 

You certainly do not have to be an expert in everything meditation-related to make the most out of such a space and rather simply practice some basic meditative techniques

Ban Smartphones in the Bedrooms

Applicable to your children as well as yourself, even though the technological takeover in the last few years has resulted in many people becoming seemingly glued to their phones, you should implement a new rule whereby no phones or tablets should be allowed in the bedroom after a certain time. You could even impose a penalty, perhaps taking on an additional chore, should anyone decide not to adhere to this new, relaxation-inducing household rule. 

This way, not only will you be minimizing the negative effects of blue light on the eyes of your entire family, but this will create a new and more relaxing headspace in which to reflect and relax. 

Tend to Your Body & Your Mind

When it comes to talking about relaxing and healing in your home, having somewhere to sit is important,  then one incredibly impressive and, not to mention, ultimately comfortable, oversized chair as the new focal point of your sitting room. 

Oversized chairs are the perfect way to rest your entire body, and either by indulging in a book, watching your favorite television series on Netflix, or else just chilling out on social media, the comfort, support, and durability of a quality oversized chair is simply unrivaled. 

Blue & Green Color Palettes

The calming effect of pale blues and natural forest greens make both colors the ideal choice when considering redecorating one or more rooms in your home. 

Not only does, for example, an aqua and turquoise wall in your kitchen make for a fantastic morning greeting when you come downstairs for that first cup of coffee to begin your day, but such a choice will also mean your walls will reflect natural light and make the room feel more bright and airy. 

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