A Powerhouse in Electrical ACB Breakers: Maxge’s MGW6-4000

As the demands for reliable and efficient power distribution systems continue to rise, Maxge has introduced the game-changing MGW6-4000 series electrical ACB breaker. This innovative air circuit breaker combines unparalleled performance with advanced intelligent features, making it the go-to solution for power supply protection in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Uncompromising Capabilities

The MGW6-4000 series electrical ACB breaker from Maxge is engineered to exceed industry standards. With its high breaking capacity, reaching up to 4,000 amps, this air circuit breaker can effortlessly handle even the most demanding power scenarios, providing robust protection against overloads and short circuits. Furthermore, the MGW6-4000’s zero-arcing design ensures enhanced safety and increased longevity of the electrical system.

Intelligent Protection and Communication

Maxge has seamlessly integrated intelligence and communication into the MGW6-4000 series electrical ACB breaker, elevating the level of power supply protection. This air circuit breaker boasts a comprehensive suite of smart protection functions, enabling real-time monitoring, diagnostic capabilities, and remote control. This advanced functionality not only enhances system performance but also streamlines maintenance and reduces operational downtime.

Versatile and Customizable Solutions

The MGW6-4000 series electrical ACB breaker from Maxge is designed to cater to the diverse needs of customers. With the option of fixed-type and draw-out-type configurations, users can choose the solution that best fits their specific requirements. Additionally, Maxge has optimized the arc-extinguishing chamber and the way of generating arc, ensuring reliable and efficient circuit breaking performance.


The Maxge MGW6-4000 series electrical ACB breaker is a true powerhouse in the world of air circuit breakers. By combining high breaking capacity, zero arcing, and a wealth of intelligent protection features, this innovative solution sets a new benchmark for power supply protection. Whether it’s in high-end commercial complexes, industrial facilities, or critical infrastructure, the MGW6-4000 from Maxge delivers uncompromising performance, enhanced safety, and seamless communication – making it the preferred choice for discerning electrical professionals who demand the best.


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