Add entertainment to your life Through NPC’s innovation

Are you looking to add more excitement and innovation to your everyday life?  NPC‘s innovation can bring a whole new level of fun and adventure into your daily routine. NPC products have become an integral part of our lives in various ways. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover how these virtual beings can add that much-needed spark to your world. NPC’s commitment to offering high-quality displays that cater to the diverse needs of consumers has made itself a leading player in the monitor industry for many years. In order to apart from competitors, NPC has consistently introduced cutting-edge technologies, resulting in a strong reputation and loyal customer base.

High-Quality Standards of NPC Products

NPC takes great pride in providing products that exceed standards of excellence. Rigorous testing and strict quality control measures are maintained to ensure customer satisfaction is invariably met. Their unwavering commitment to quality, reliability and performance continues to make NPC a leader in the monitoring industry.

Personalized Service

NPC has provided customized OEM/ODM services to partners in more than 70 countries, which meet the needs of different markets or countries.

Advanced manufacturing technology

With the advent of artificial intelligence, NPC has maintained communication and cooperation with well-known electrical enterprises around the world.


With a focus on producing affordable yet high-quality electronic products, including TVs, monitors, projectors, and computers, NPC is a leading technology manufacturing company. Because of their commitment to quality, extensive research and development, high production capacity, and excellent after-sales support, NPC have established themselves as an industry leader for display manufacturing with 17 years of experience.

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