Antai College EMBA: What They Offer and Why It’s Worth the Investing

The EMBA at Antai College, Shanghai Jiao Tong University is a unique opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience in a specific area of interest. Whether starting a business, developing your career, or simply learning new skills, the program has what you need to be successful. The value proposition is clear – over time, Antai’s EMBA program pays for itself by providing opportunities for students.

What we provide?

Antai College’s EMBA program offers students a unique opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge in a top-tier environment. The program offers an intensive, full-time experience culminating in ACEM’s Executive MBA degree.

The Executive MBA program is designed for executives who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in key areas of strategy, operations, finance, marketing, and international business. In addition to core courses, students take elective courses that allow them to specialize in specific areas of business practice.

Benefits of the Executive MBA program include:

Increase career opportunities

Increased self-awareness and skill development

Increase networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities

Market competitive advantage

Why it’s worth investing in?

ACEM‘s EMBA is ranked tenth in the world by the Financial Times EMBA in 2021, and it is the first year in China, making it a top department.

Upon successful completion of ACEM’s Executive MBA program, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to lead a successful organization. You’ll gain expertise in leadership and management, finance and accounting, strategy and marketing, human resources, law, and ethics.

ACEM’s EMBA offers a unique combination of theory and practical experience that will help you better understand how businesses work. In addition to classroom instruction, you’ll engage in real-world scenarios that challenge your thinking.

Antai College’s EMBA is a highly regarded program with great benefits for your professional and personal growth. If you’re looking for an executive education program that can help you achieve your goals, ACEM’s EMBA should be your first choice.

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