Attractive Custom Standees Are Here

Standees are becoming a tradition now a day. You can customize your own high-quality standees. If you want to customize the best quality standees for your office table, home, or as a gift for your friend. You need a trusted brand, VOGRACE is one of the best-trusted brands ever.

VOGRACE provides you with the best facility for customization. Not only for standees but also for a high-quality acrylic keychain and sticker. So if you want the whole stock of the best quality and attractive standees you can trust the production of VOGRACE.

In this blog, you are going to get all the information related to the best supplies of attractive custom standees. If you want to buy one standee or a whole bulk of standees you can check the link mentioned above, let’s check the best custom standees from VOGRACE.

Acrylic standees

One of the most selling and top-rated products from vograce is acrylic standees. They are the most common. The custom acrylic standee had lots of plus points. It is durable stable and attractive in looking. You can choose the degree may it be double-sided or single-sided. You can select your own printing style as well.  Information on these standards includes:

  • The product name is an acrylic standee
  • Customize size and length of standees
  • The material used for making this standee is eco-friendly and transparent
  • 1pcs MOQ
  • It can be used as a present as a gift, for advertisement, or for promotion
  • They can be holographic
  • They are full of colors and cheap in price

Custom one-piece acrylic standees

Here we have another best and one of the most demanding standee customizations from vograce. You can customize your own on-piece acrylic standee. The benefit of having this stand is the durability and cute alone standeeCustom the size shape and design of your own piece to make it look exactly what you want. let’s check out the details of the custom One-piece acrylic standee

  • The product name is one piece acrylic standee
  • Highly eco-friendly material and it is transparent
  • Only one piece MOQ
  • Print can be on the double side or single side
  • This piece can be used as a gift, advertisement, or as a showpiece
  • Print is waterproof

Custom Farris wheel acrylic standees

If you are looking for something extraordinary. You must have had to check this custom Farris wheel acrylic stand. As you know that everything is fully customizable these wheels are also highly customizable. This standee contains a base, a running wheel, 2 supports, and 6 acrylic pendants. They are adjustable pendants so that your Farris wheel moves easily.

  • The product name is Farris wheel acrylic standee
  • Different parts have different sizes according to customization
  • You will get different types of small or massive discounts according to your order
  • Color and material customization is available

Wood standee

If you are looking for something natural and attractive go for these cute and natural wood standees. These standees are made by using natural processed wood material and your degree is pasted o it. If you want something very natural and real these standees are the perfect choice for you.

  • The product name is a custom natural wood standee
  • You will get 5pcs of MOQ
  • The printing style is CMYK for these standees for a long-lasting effect
  • Overall thickness is 4mm
  • You can also order of custom wood acrylic keychain along with your standee
  • Natural wood is used for the back area
  • The edges are not turning black they remain natural

Custom luminous acrylic standees

Moving towards our next thing which is the best quality custom luminous acrylic standee. If you want something glowing or shiny you must have to choose this luminous acrylic standee. This type of standee is most common in teenagers or adults. A special type of lighting technology is used for these standees.

  • Print may be defined on one or both sides
  • They are a type of luminous acrylic standees
  • Simple acrylic standee in the daytime and glowing effect at night
  • Multiple designs and other choices according to the demand of customers
  • Place your order with accurate measurements to get the perfect result
  • Redecorate your room with a glowing effect
  • Brighter and get an instant dim light

Custom openable shaker standees

Here we have last but not least one of the best openable shaker standees. They are cute and one of the best-selling standees of VOGRACE. These standees include the opening through which you can check out the details. They include small pieces and a detachable border. It also has smooth edges slot assembly. Let’s check out the details

  • Its MOQ is almost 3 pcs
  • It contains different accessories
  • Get 50% off with 3000 pieces
  • Its upper, lower, and bottom sizes are different from one another
  • Price may depend on your customization
  • High-quality and highly attractive

Frequently asked questions

Why standees are famous?

Standees are famous for their attraction. mostly pepper buy them to increase the beauty of their side table.

For what purpose standees are used?

Standard is used for advertising purposes, or for presenting a gift to your loved one

What type of products does VOGRACE  provide rather than standees?

There are lots of other things that VOGRACE will provide you. That things include acrylic keychains, custom stickers, custom pillows, and much more.

Can I place one or more than one time?

Why not, you are most welcome to place more than one time. You can use your previous design to custom a new standee.

End Remarks

In a nutshell, standees are meant to increase the grace you your table or stand. You can order a whole collection of high-quality standees. So you have learned all the information related to custom standees by VOGRACE.

Pro tip: From VOGRACE order more than one standee so that you can avail the massive discount.

I hope this article provides you with all the best information related to high-quality standees. If you want to learn more about such types of products you visit the official page of vograce.

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