Best Kolkata Travel Guide for First-Time Visitors

Kolkata is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the culture and history of India. This sprawling city has cultural attractions, fascinating architecture, and a rich heritage. Kolkata is a city of many faces, and the best way to explore it is by taking a cab. A cab service in Kolkata can offer reliable and affordable rental rides. You can book your ride online or through the app and even opt for a shared ride if you’re travelling with friends. To make sure your trip to Kolkata is an unforgettable experience, here’s a travel guide that covers all the essential things you should know while visiting this vibrant city.

Explore Kolkata’s Majestic Architecture

Kolkata showcases its historical beauty through unique colonial architecture! Victoria Memorial Hall – built in 1921 to honour the late Queen Victoria – is an ornate white marble building with a museum exhibiting British colonial influence in India and art from the Independence era.

Another architectural marvel is St. Paul’s Cathedral, which has been standing since 1847 and is considered one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Asia. The Indian Museum is a magnificent example of neo-classical architecture from the 19th century.

Visit India’s Cultural Heritage

Kolkata has many iconic structures deeply rooted in India’s culture and history:

The Howrah Bridge – built over the Hooghly River

Tipu Sultan Mosque – a holy site named after Tipu Sultan of Mysore

Esplanade Mansion – built by John Palmer during the British Raj era

Birla Planetarium – hosting regular sky shows on astronomy

Fairlie Place – part of Old China Town in Kolkata offering Chinese cuisine

Kalighat Kali Temple – sacred Hindu Temple dedicated to Goddess Kali Devi

These places will give you an insight into India’s culture and traditions like never before!

Experience Kolkata’s Skyscrapers

As Kolkata modernises, so does its skyline view! Check out Dalhousie Square for world-class high-rise buildings like New Market Building and Lal Dighi (red pond), Kolkata’s oldest public garden area, built-in 1814. For more admiring views of modern skyscrapers, head west to Sovabazar Metro Station, where you can see many contemporary buildings!

Kolkata’s skyline features a host of prominent skyscrapers, including The 42, Oberoi Grand Kolkata, Oracle Corporate Park, South City Luxury Apartments, and Tata Centre.

Shop Around at Local Markets

Shopping enthusiasts should visit Gariahat Market, considered one of South Asia’s most extensive shopping areas, where traditional items like saris, jutis (shoes), and kurtas (lightweight shirts) are available at affordable prices! Other markets worth visiting are New Market (offering local snacks & stationery goods), College Street (for stationary items & books), and Maniktala Market (an excellent spot for bangles & traditional footwear).

Sample Local Cuisine

Try spicy roadside street foods like Jhal Muri or Mughlai Paratha, which have become local favorites, or sample unique flavours available only in Kolkata, such as Sandesh (round fudgy sweets made with condensed milk)! Enjoy delicious platters of Biryani (rice cooked with spices and vegetables/meat) at Nizam’s Restaurant near the Park Street area!

You can enjoy various seafood delicacies, including Chingri Malaikari – shrimps cooked with spices alongside some hot steaming coal Phulkas at Arsalan Restaurant on Park Circus 7 Point Crossing Road. These places will surely give your taste buds an irresistible treat!

Wrapping Up

The best Kolkata travel guide for first-timers is a compilation of all the experiences, discoveries, and meaningful encounters you can have while exploring the lively city. From its vibrant culture and history stories to its astonishingly diverse cuisine and spectacular architectural masterpieces, Kolkata has everything required to indulge first-time travellers in magical memories they will cherish forever. Its lively festivals, friendly locals, and endless attractions constitute an exciting experience awaiting tourists of this legendary city.

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