Brief Introduction of Hashimoto Precision Manufacturing

Hashimoto Precision, a professional stamping parts manufacturer with headquarters in Japan, expanded into Vietnam in 2012 by purchasing property in Hanoi and constructing a second facility there.

The Hashimoto Precision company can promptly respond to client requests since it handles everything from die design to stamping mass production in-house. Consumer electronics, medicine, and the automobile industry all use the items (which include terminals, brackets, shrapnel, magnetic shells, shielding coverings, special gaskets, and so on).

Services and Goods

A few examples of Hashimoto’s wares include terminals, brackets, shrapnel, magnetic shells, shielding coverings, special gaskets, and more. This section will serve as an introduction to some noteworthy items.

Motor-Supporting Measures

Ultra-thin precision metal stamping product up to T0.02 T2.00mm, brackets (also known as hangers) hold a weight (such as a shelf) and are often fastened to a wall or the like. Depending on the need, Hashimoto Precision can fabricate various motor brackets.

A System With a Built-In Camera And a Display

The terminal for the camera lens is made of stainless steel, as to the Rosh specification. Production involves stamping, and it’s centered on the efficient use of Japanese raw resources. It’s lightweight, rigid, strong, consistent in size across modules, easily interchangeable, and has a high-quality finish.

Mechanical Components For Cutting-Edge Energy Hardware

Hashimoto Precision is a well-established precision stamping producer in the emerging energy sector. Hardware stamping components have been improved for a long time, so their quality is reliable. All of the hardware stamping components are RoHS compliant. Therefore, the hardware stamping components have global environmental protection in mind. Metal stamping components listed below were also produced with a tolerance of 0.02 to 2.0 millimeters.

In What Ways Can Work With Hashimoto Benefit Your Project?

Hashimoto Precision Manufacturing should be among your first choices for future endeavors for several reasons. First, here are just a few examples:

-We’ve been doing this for almost 20 years.

-We provide a comprehensive array of services, from conceptualization and engineering to production and final assembly.

-We prioritize excellence and client happiness.

-We have completed several projects with great success.


Hashimoto Precision Manufacturing was established in 1948, and the firm has continuously set the standard for excellence in the tool industry through the years and into the present.

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