Business niches to focus more in 2022

Business niches to focus more in 2022

Unfortunately, we are forced to state the fact that literally before our eyes the world has changed dramatically. The pandemic has changed the economies of most countries. The world is becoming more and more virtual. At the same time, real communication, something made with your own hands, is beginning to be appreciated more and more. Many have lost their jobs over the past year and are looking for a job in a world engulfed by an economic crisis. What business to open? What can you do to earn a living? What business ideas have not yet taken root in our country enough and can make entrepreneurs practically pioneers?


IPO (Initial Public Offering) is an effective method of attracting investments for companies, and for an investor it is a good scope for operations related to stock prices. And, depending on the investor’s strategy, it can be a good investment that can generate astronomical returns . But at the same time, with the wrong planning, it is quite possible to lose everything.

CBD industry

Another big space to look after is CBD. Canada gave green light to this sector a few years ago and now it’s one of the biggest projected spaces. Experts in Canada believe that CBD space will reach 20 billion Canadian dollars in the valuation. Canada’s residents can buy high quality CBD products from trusted companies like TopShelfbc.

Vegan cashmere market

Cashmere is a fabric obtained from goat hair. Many large manufacturers have abandoned it for ethical reasons, because people who work with animals show excessive cruelty to them. Vegan cashmere is a material obtained from vegetable shrubs without the participation of animals at all. And the recently growing vegan movement is creating a high demand for such “ethical materials”. Unfortunately, this demand is high only within this small, social group, so products worth at least 150 dollars. and above the population will not be ready to buy.

3D printing in construction

3D printing is penetrating many areas of life, including construction. It will revolutionize the construction industry by reducing the cost of producing the necessary materials. For such printing, you will need the services of a modeler who develops models for printing, the 3D printer itself corresponding to the dimensions of the printed products, and a technician to support the device, although it may be the modeler himself. And most importantly – a constant flow of materials. The price of the printers themselves starts at $41,000 from Chinese manufacturers, while in the West the cost goes from $250,000. The business is potentially profitable, because the printing of such materials will be much faster than their manual creation, even despite the limitations of such printing.

3D food printing

To 3D print food, first of all, you need a suitable printer that works with edible powder mixtures or pastes, from which it prints dishes. The flow of materials must be constant. Speaking of people, you need a cook, a modeler whose job combination will produce food, and a technician to maintain the printer, although this can be combined with the work of a modeler. The cost of such a printer, suitable for just such an activity, starts at $ 1.599, the more complex the printer, the more expensive it. At least twice. Profitability varies greatly from place to place, and you should not expect much, because at the current stage of its development, 3D food printers cannot print complex dishes, and people only go to such establishments once or twice, just to try techno-exotics.

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