Can You Take Your Workout Routine on Vacation with You?

For the true fitness lovers out there, it is impossible to miss too many days and, therefore, imperative to be able to take your routine on vacation with you. Here are some tips and insights that show how you can take your gym or exercise routine with you on holiday or anywhere, for that matter.

Why It’s Important

Rest is good, but one that is too long or includes too many overindulgences can cause havoc to your exercise routine and health improvements. Any gains are at risk and the body will soon show signs of a lack of exercise. Hence, there has been a trend for many to try to take their exercise regime with them when they go on holiday. Failing this, ensure that you at least take your daily vitamins and opt for a salad, rather than fast food or gourmet hotel meals.Consider maintaining a healthy balance by choosing an all-inclusive vacation that caters to your wellness goals while providing a relaxing and indulgent atmosphere for a well-rounded holiday experience.

What Can You Take?

The Small Equipment That Fits

Small one-piece dumbbells and resistance bands are known travel companions and will pack and travel well. There is a wide range of small transportable exercise equipment to suit most budgets and a great example is found at, where you can look at the equipment that you can take with you and also use in your own home gym space on return from the holiday.

Comfortable Exercise Shoes

Having your trainers with you on holiday is a sure-fire way to ensure that you have no excuses for that regular run or walk to keep you healthy and fit. Having comfortable shoes or trainers also makes it possible to go to a gym, should there be one available, and to take part in any outdoor activities that will get your heart rate up.

Use the Available Resources

If you intend to take your exercise regime with you on holiday, you may need to plan for this in advance and ensure that the accommodation you book has access to a fitness space or gym. Failing this, look at all the resources available to you when on holiday and then plan to use these. For example, space in your hotel room for press-ups and bodyweight training, a gym in the hotel, a spa or swimming pool and, of course, the ability to take walks and explore the local area.

Adjust Your Program

You may not be able to take the entire program with you and will need to adjust it to suit both where you are going on holiday and the available fitness equipment that you will have at your disposal.

Taking your workout routine on holiday with you has been a major debate in fitness and travel circles. The idea is that the holiday is for rest, and yet, many argue that exercise must be a part of this to ensure an integrated approach to mental and physical wellness and well-being. Taking your exercise regime on holiday with you is also the best way to maintain your fitness gains, and even if you can’t take the entire gym with you, there are those pieces of equipment and personal gear that you can take to make it possible to exercise while on holiday.

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