Clever ways to design wall mirrors in your home

Clever ways to design wall mirrors in your home

Have you ever thought about how wall mirrors can play a dominant role in enhancing the ambiance of your room?

A wall mirror reflects both the sunlight and the artificial lights in your home to make the room feel more welcoming, brighter, and charming. Every interior designer agrees with the fact that a room must contain a wall mirror, which is the least costly interior designing accessory to style up any room space.

When looking for the best assortment in the market, you get the widest variety which includes oversized mirrors, frameless ones, funky mirrors, and so on. Wall mirrors are timeless and suit every interior design theme, from conventional to modern. Look for the most luxurious range of wall mirrors at Ella and Ross’s online store, which is Canada-based and at affordable rates; we bet you that the range will knock your socks off.

Replace the TV with a wall mirror to create a focal point

TV is not always the single item to hang above the fireplace; you can also hang wall mirrors that would allow the focus to turn to the stunning nature-inspired features on either side.

Surround a mirror with plants

You might now have imagined that mirrors and plants can go hand-in-hand, but now various home stylists prefer to use plants or trailing vines and air plants to surround the wall mirrors and also the paintings or photo frames in the home. So, this using the planters and mirrors seems to be the new black in the town. You must try this fashion in your dwelling too.

Go for the eye-pleasing shapes in wall mirrors

When you use the different mirror shapes on the walls, the appearance becomes more calming and edgy. Round mirrors are definitely on the upswing and balance out the composition full of other geometric elements. Also, consider other shapes as well, which also look plush and adorable.

Focus on light

Mirrors are not just only for looks but also for bringing light to the space we live in. Mount one on the position that will help throw natural light around your designated space, unlike anything else.

Use the mirrors to add glam to your home

The wall mirrors undoubtedly add a touch of glam to any space and gives an ornate feeling to your home. You can use the wall mirror pieces in lieu of art to fill a stretch of blank wall space.

Use it for your bedside attraction

If you say that the rectangular mirrors are just for the living rooms, it is not so; you can flaunt these wall mirrors also for bedside decoration as well. Speaking of selfies, you can take fantastic pictures in your bedroom standing in front of the mirror.

Induce life to dingy corners

We all have that dull and gloomy corners in our homes that look incredibly boring. So, you can suffice brightness to your drab corners to make them look more pleasant and elegant.

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