Domain Privacy Protection – Why You Need It

Domain Privacy Protection – Why You Need It 

When you purchase a domain name, you’ll need to register it with the WHOIS public database. This database stores the contact information and domain registration details of anyone who owns a domain name. Without domain privacy protection, your contact information and domain account details are made public. Although there’s no law that states you need to have domain privacy protection, it’s always recommended to help keep you and your contacts safe. Otherwise, your email address, name, phone number, registration date, and expiration date could all be at risk.

Identity Theft

If you don’t have domain privacy protection, then your information is easily available for almost anyone to see. It doesn’t take much to find out the contact information and data of a domain user in the WHOIS public database. And anyone with an ounce of computer literacy can use that information to hack your accounts and steal your identity.

Third-Party Buyers

With your phone number and email available for anyone to see, it’s easy enough for data scrubbers to add you to a contact list. They can then sell this list to a third party, who will likely flood your inbox or voicemail with a variety of scams or phishing attempts. If you want to avoid having to clean out your email or screen your calls constantly, it’s a good idea to get your domain information protected.

Competitor Contact

In the business world, it’s not uncommon for competing companies to keep an eye on each other. And if your data and contact information are publicly available, then it’s much easier for your competitors to contact you. With every data leak that makes its way into their hands, that’s less ground you have to stand on when trying to get ahead in the professional world.

When NOT to Get Domain Privacy Protection

There are more benefits to getting domain privacy protection than not. But hiding your contact information could turn away potential business partners and clients. If someone is curious about you, your website, or your company, they may wish to contact you about working together. If you want to keep your main information private, you can protect your domain registration and still be available to business partners by having company-specific contact information listed somewhere on your website. Overall, the benefits of keeping your domain information private greatly outweigh the issues caused by a lack of transparency.

How to Get Domain Privacy Protection

When you initially sign up for and register your domain name, you’ll have the opportunity to enroll in domain privacy protection. However, even if you choose not to when registering your domain, you can still get the full protection necessary. Most website hosting services and domain registration companies allow you to add domain privacy at any time. With most privacy protection plans only costing somewhere between $2-$20, everyone can protect their contact information and data registration without having to expand their budget too much.

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