Electric Vehicle Designing Job Opportunities

All the engineering students looking forward to progressing their career in advanced studies would want to tread lightly and choose one of the most promising fields for their future. One of the first options that would pop up at the back of your mind would be renewable energy in electrical engineering.

It is a huge market, and the world is surely moving towards it. For several students living in India, EVs might seem like something being tested and tried, as you would barely get to see any of the electric vehicles on the road. But the scope for building a career in EVs would be huge, provided you understand the opportunities around the world.

Good scope in the EV industry

To work in the EV industry, you must have the skills required for electric vehicles.

It would be good to start judging your career scope in this field as you are from a technical background. Several tech developments are happening here. It will truly give you a better perspective on your interests and inclinations.

Lithium-ion battery

The unmatched performance of the lithium-ion batteries would be compared to the lead acid batteries that have motivated even Elon musk to enter the EV space venture. The lead and ion have made EVs pretty viable for commercialisation. It is because it can be changed several times compared to other batteries. These batteries are also secured against inflammation, overheating, and leaks.

Electric motors

Electric vehicles require several skills,  and electric motors are one of the best fields to enter. Huge advances in this field have translated into major improvements in performance and cost-effectiveness.

Job opportunities in the electronic vehicle sector

India serves as one of the biggest markets for the development and growth of electric vehicles. Like the existing plans for typical cars, several foreign automakers would set up EV operations in India. The government has also decided to help the electric mobility mission by creating a unique workforce that looks forward to generating at least 10,000,000 jobs. The TV industry is already thriving globally. The United States of America is expected to witness a huge increase of 1 30 000 to 3,50,000 jobs in the engineering field itself by 2030.

How can you become an expert?

The engineering degree will prepare you to develop a vision for electric vehicles. But for the idea to come to floatation, you need to have specialised training that guides you through EV technologies’ intricacies. The coursework for EV is derived from the typical electronics and electrical engineering curriculum. But to understand the core elements and develop practical thinking, you must realise battery management and power systems.

You also need to go through hands-on training for the latest software India factorials for commonly used materials in the EV parts and a strong foundation in the fundamental premises of the EV. Currently, Indian colleges lack the basic infrastructure to facilitate all the requirements.


Students must be updated about the latest trends and innovations as the EV industry evolves. Hence the only way to do that is to engage students in industry-relevant projects introducing them to the inner workings of this industry.

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