Empowered the API Enterprises: Pharma Sources Online Platform

Since its launch, Pharma sources have gone through 12 years with the support and accompaniment of pharmacy suppliers. As an online platform serving the whole industry chain of the pharmaceutical industry, Pharma sources has always kept up with the digital wave, never forgetting the original intention, insisting on independent innovation, and successively launching products and services such as store display, supply, and procurement docking, Smart Pharma Business School and online exhibition. Take a look at this website.

Provide accurate matching service and build a platform for supply and demand matching

Since 2011, Pharma sources has successfully held ten buyer procurement fairs, helping buyers to improve their procurement efficiency and helping buyers and sellers to harvest business opportunities by providing convenient and efficient matchmaking services at the exhibition site.

Especially at CPHI China 2020, Pharma sources, together with the show organizers, held a series of online and offline matchmaking events, such as the 3-day offline event at the 10th Buyers’ Meeting, which attracted hundreds of buyers and more than 310 meetings, and the invited buyers’ video meeting held on Pharma sources online platform In the invited buyer video conference held on Pharma sources online platform, 199 overseas buyers from 35 countries and regions completed 140 cloud video meetings online through online chatting, which greatly improved the efficiency and success rate of international business matchmaking.

Innovative Cloud-Based Platform

The pharma sources platform creates a platform for pharmaceutical professionals to communicate and help pharmaceutical companies transform and upgrade. At the same time, Pharma sources have deepened the layout of digital marketing, empowering the pharmaceutical industry.

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