Everything you need to know about Dual-Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes 

Everything you need to know about Dual-Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes 

Dual suspension Electric Mountain Bikes are one of two types of Electric Mountain Bikes- there are dual and hardline suspension bikes. Dual suspension or full suspension/fullsus is a bike that has both front and rear suspension and a rear shock that makes the bike safer, comfier, and more efficient. 

There is a lot to know about Dual-suspension Electric Mountain Bikes, for example, the three different classifications of class one, two, and three and the features such as durability, handling, and offroad limitations that make these bikes so good.

Knowing the classifications, features, and benefits of dual suspension electric mountain bikes is pivotal when investing in a bike, keep reading to learn more about these topics.

What are the Features and benefits of dual suspension? 

There are many features to dual suspension electric mountain bikes that make them a popular choice for most cyclists.

Dual suspension bikes boast a smooth ride

Dual suspension bikes are comfortable to ride. Dual suspension means suspension both at the front and back of the bike, with rear suspension shock can be absorbed reducing the amount of jolting and banging of the body on the bike. This reduces the risk of injury to the cyclist and damage to the bike. The comfort of dual suspension electric mountain bikes means that cyclists can ride for longer without soreness or fatigue. Therefore, dual suspension electric mountain bikes are a great option for anyone worried about the risk of injury or simply for cyclists who prefer long rides.

Dual suspension electric mountain bikes are more durable

Dual suspension electric bikes are durable, this means they are perfect for rugged terrains, allowing cyclists to ride off-road in addition to this the durability of dual-suspension bikes means that these bikes last longer. The higher cost of dual-suspension bikes may put off some cyclists, but their durability makes it worth the cost. Dual suspension bikes are much less likely to be damaged or broke and unlike hard-line suspension bikes, if they are damaged, they can be replaced, updated, and fixed. Therefore, even though they do come at an initial higher cost over a long period of time they make for a smart investment.

Dual suspension electric mountain bikes have better handling

Dual suspension electric bikes also boast sublime handling. High-quality handling helps to keep the cyclist safe as sharp turns, steep hills, and high speeds can be controlled and anticipated. In addition to this it can make for a more enjoyable ride, with added control, cyclists can decide on their path, not riding in fear of falls or crashes. Therefore, the better handling of dual-suspension electric bikes makes for not only a more enjoyable but a safer ride for cyclists.

Dual suspension electric mountain bikes are great for beginners

Even though dual suspension bikes are versatile this does not mean they are overly complicated and are perfect for beginners. Firstly, they boast better grip, similarly to the bikes’ handling the improved grip of dual suspension electric mountain bikes makes the bike not only safer but easier to ride and control- meaning even first-time riders can feel comfortable using these bikes. In addition, these bikes are versatile, therefore can be ridden both on and off-road, the versatility of these bikes means that they are a great option for beginner cyclists who use their bikes for commuting and pleasure- rather than those who cycle professionally. Therefore, the versatility and high-quality grip make for a comfortable and safe option for first-time riders.

Types of Dual Suspension Electric Mountain Bike Product Classification

In addition to the two types of suspension available with best electric mountain bikes, there are also three different classifications of dual suspension electric mountain bikes.

Class one Electric Mountain bikes

The first classification of dual suspension electric mountain bikes is the ‘Class one’, these are also known as “low-speed pedal-assisted electric bikes”. In class one bikes the motors only assist cyclists when pedalling up to 20mph. Once this speed has been met the motor will stop and there will be no more pedalling assistance. In addition, these bikes can be ridden on all surfaces.

Class two Electric Mountain bikes

Next is the class two Electric Mountain bikes these are known as “low-speed throttle–assisted electric bikes”. Unlike class one the throttle on a class two bike continues even when the cyclist isn’t pedaling. In fact, the class two electric mountain bike is the only of the three classes that don’t require the cyclist to pedal. However similarly to class one bikes, pedal assistance also stops in class two bikes once the bike reaches 20mph. Similar to class one these bikes can be ridden on all surfaces.    

Class three Electric Mountain bikes

The final classification is known as “speed pedal-assisted electric bikes”. Similarly, to bikes in class one, the motors in class three bikes only assist riders when they are pedaling. However, unlike the other classes, class three can reach 28mph before they stop providing assistance. Another difference between class three bikes to the two previous classes is that some dual-suspension class three electric mountain bikes cannot be ridden on all surfaces. For most Electric bikes 28mph is the fasted speed they can go, however, there are anomalies, and some bikes can be grouped into class four (this class includes motorcycles and mopeds)-most of these bikes require licenses.

Understanding these classes is important when picking a dual suspension electric mountain bike as they can all be used for different purposes. For example, a class one bike may be more appropriate for a beginner cycler whereas a class three bike is more appropriate for professionals or cyclists who race.

So, what do cyclists need to know about dual-suspension electric motorbikes?

There is a lot to know about dual suspension electric motorbikes when looking to make an investment. Firstly, the features and benefits must be considered and compared with your own needs, do you need value comfort, durability, and an option for beginners, then this is the perfect choice for you.

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