Everything You Need to Know About Hardtail Electric Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking is one of many ways to enjoy the great outdoors.  With so many options to choose from, it can become somewhat confusing at times to know which mountain bike is the right choice for you.

Hardtail electric mountain bikes appeal to more people in today’s market.  They are cheaper than other types, and because of their lack of a full suspension, they are lighter.  This means they are more manageable for anyone whether on a track or a trail.  This also makes them easier to get in and out of a car or on and off of a trail.

With so many choices when selecting a mountain bike, you should consider a hardtail electric mountain bike.  Read on to learn all you need to about these electric mountain bikes.

What Is an Electric Mountain Bike?

Before deciding on whether to purchase an electric or a standard mountain bike, it is good to understand what an electric mountain bike is.

An electric bike is a mountain bike that has an integrated motor that helps the rider with pedaling.  If you aren’t pedaling, the motor does not offer support.

There are some limits on the size of the motor to ensure that the bike remains classified as a bicycle.  In North America, a motor can only provide motor assistance up to 20 miles per hour.

Most of the best electric mountain bikes place the motor in the center of the frame of the bike between the pedals to offer the best balance and geometry of the bike.

What Makes an Electric Mountain Bike a Hardtail?

Hardtail bikes are very versatile and make a great choice for beginners or veteran cyclists.  Riders of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy these mountain bikes.

Most hardtail bikes are meant for gravel tracks and smooth cross-country trails.  A hardtail bike does not have a rear shock, which means that the shock is directly attached to the frame of the bicycle.  Without a rear suspension, the mountain bike is not able to absorb the bumps of a rougher trail.  Overall, the hardtail mountain bike is not the most comfortable bike for a rough and difficult trail ride.

The majority of hardtail bikes use a front suspension fork.  A suspension fork is a front fork that absorbs some of the bumps of the terrain.  A bike with a suspension fork versus a bike with a rigid frame will feel less shaky and provide a smoother ride.

The good thing about hardtails over full suspension bikes is that they force the rider to pay more attention to their body positioning, balance, and trail choices.

What is the Difference Between a Non-Electric Mountain Bike and an Electric Mountain Bike?

Most mountain bikes are similar in design no matter if they are non-electric or electric.  Dimensions, brakes, and suspension systems are changed very little from one to the other, so if you’re switching from a standard bike to an electric one, the change should not be very noticeable.

The biggest difference between an electric mountain bike and a standard mountain bike is the weight of the bike.  Due to the electronics, electric mountain bikes are fairly heavier than your standard mountain bike.  On the trail, this doesn’t matter much because the motor is helping you pedal.  But this might be noticeable when hauling your bike up three flights of stairs to your apartment or loading it on top of your car to go for a ride.

How Much Support Do I Need From My Electric Bike?

There are three main types of electric bikes to choose from.  Depending on your riding style and needs, you may prefer one over the other.

Light All-Around Power
A light electric mountain bike is perfect for anyone who enjoys a natural riding experience and needs only a little support from the motor. All-Around electric mountain bikes are the classic in this category.  They are the most well-known group of motorized bikes.  All-Around bikes are very powerful in the highest mode, can be economical when using a lower mode, and feel very natural while riding. Power electric mountain bikes are for those who don’t want to slow down on the climbs and want the most power for their mountain bike.

In their highest modes, they can drain the battery quickly.  Due to their design, they can also be heavy.

No matter how much support you need, you can get a hardtail in each of these options.

How Long Can an Electric Bike Last?

The amount of ride time you get from your electric bike will depend on a variety of factors.  Terrain type, level of assistance, gear selection, or tires are just a few different things that can affect how long you are able to ride your electric bike.

There is no need to worry that your electric bike won’t last long enough for your rides.  Most electric bikes last at least a couple of hours for riding even on full power.  This should be enough time to give you the ride that you want.

However, it is good to remember that how much support you require from your motor can drastically reduce the amount of time your electric bike is able to run.

How Do I Take Care of My Electric Bike?

Caring for your electric bike is not much different than a standard mountain bike.  All of the traditional bike parts are cared for in the same way.  They must be kept clean and well lubricated.

The electric parts of the bike are kept in a sealed unit to prevent any accidental shortages.  Taking your electric bike through the mud or muck won’t be anything to worry about.

How Much Do Electric Hardtail Mountain Bikes Cost?

Like anything, the price of electric hardtail mountain bikes ranges from affordable to very expensive.  Depending on what type of motor, tires, gears, etc., the price changes.  On average, these mountain bikes can range anywhere from $1,699 to $4,599.


No matter the reasons for considering a hardtail electric mountain bike, you now know all that you need to in order to confidently purchase one.  No matter your reasons for this type of mountain bike, it is sure to be a great fit for a fun ride.

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