Flavours of Asia

Flavours of Asia

A must-have in any kitchen when it comes to cooking is the Asian style pan. Cooking with an Asian-style wok, as opposed to a conventional frying pan, is healthier because of the lower fat content. Cooking using a wok is not limited to stir-frying; it can also be used to braise, settle and steam.

Healthiest Choice

Like a frying pan, it has a curved form that affects how your food cooks. It is a more healthy option because of its excellent heat retention properties and little use of cooking oil.

When serving a dish, any extra oil can be drained from it by pushing the food to the edge of the pan.

Cooking in a Consistent Manner

The wok’s conical shape distributes heat over a larger area than a frying pan. This feature makes cooking meat or veggies in a single pan easier.

The heated oil at the bottom of it is the best place to fry tougher meats or vegetables that need a longer time to cook. Add the other ingredients to the hot pan and cook until heated halfway through. Tender fish or vegetables might be suitable substitutes for these more robust items.

Even while the last components are added, the elements added earlier are still cooking, although at a reduced rate. This ensures that they don’t overcook.

Additional Amounts

As mentioned previously, the higher helpful volume of it is one advantage over the ordinary frying pan.

The more food you can fit in it, the higher the edges should be. Thanks to delicious leftovers, cooking in larger batches means you’ll have more options for tomorrow’s supper.

This can also help keep your kitchen cleaner because you won’t have to wipe up any spilt food from your burner.

Stir-fry Cooking Tips

Preparation is the first step.

Begin by slicing all the ingredients into equal bite-sized pieces before heating your wok. This will aid in ensuring that the food is cooked evenly.

A stir-fry is a simple dish to make because it takes a few minutes to prepare. Once you start cooking, you won’t have time to chop or look for ingredients. A nearby stove will make it easier to add items to the hot wok as needed rapidly.

Addition of Ingredients

The onion should be added to the oil first and cooked until translucent and soft if using aromatics like garlic and ginger.

After that, merely sauté the garlic for a minute or two. Your protein of choice can now be added to the mix. Stir for about a minute and a half. The tougher veggies can now be added. Toss in any leafy greens or other delicate items and stir until well combined.

Keep your ingredients moving with a long spatula to avoid overcooking. Tender vegetables and meats should be cooked until they are almost done and then transferred to a bowl while the rest of the veggies are still cooking.

Toward the end of the cooking procedure, you can return the things that are nearly done cooking. You can now complete the meal.

The wok is extremely versatile kitchen equipment. It can contain a lot of food, and the high edges ensure that you don’t have to worry about food spilling down the counter when you’re stirring.

As a result of its versatility and low price, the wok has become many kitchen’s most valuable acquisitions. A wok’s most well-known culinary application is a stir-fry utensil, but it also has a variety of lesser-known applications.

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