Follow these dos and don’ts when hiring injury lawyers in Hartford

Whether you were injured in a road mishap in Hartford as a pedestrian or as a vehicle driver, you should consider looking for compensation. The outcome is relatively simple when the other driver was driving recklessly, but if you were also liable to an extent, things could be murky. You need a Hartford CT personal injury lawyer to represent your interests, and if you have hired one, we have a few dos and don’ts for your help.

The dos

  1. Look for legal help immediately. Law firms in Connecticut usually don’t demand a fee to assess new cases, and you should seek a review without delay. It makes little sense to wait when assistance is just a call or email away.
  2. Go prepared for the meeting. You may have queries about your accident claim, and as a client, you should have a ready questionnaire. Also, take your medical records and other evidence with you to get a better overview. Your lawyer will do the required investigation.
  3. Choose experience over everything. Injury lawyers often deal with diverse cases, and you need to find someone who handles auto accident claims in their practice. Experience matters the most for recovering a settlement.
  4. Discuss all aspects. If you didn’t stop after the mishap or failed to report the accident, it could have an impact on the case. Your fault is another aspect that your lawyer should be aware of, and being honest is always helpful in saving time.
  5. Know the lawyer’s fee. Your injury lawyer will ask for their fee only when you win. While the contingency arrangement is a great advantage, knowing the percentage is always advisable.

The don’ts

  1. Don’t hire someone who is always busy. If an attorney is too occupied for an appointment or doesn’t respond to your first call, they certainly don’t adhere to the ethics of the profession.
  2. Don’t trust promises. While you should let your lawyer do everything to recover a settlement, don’t believe anyone who is ready to guarantee a certain result.
  3. Don’t work with a lawyer who is okay with lying. Lawyers often try to inflate damages to get more, but such a strategy doesn’t work and can cause additional concerns. Beware of an attorney who wants to overstate your losses.

Communication is the essence of a successful client-lawyer relationship, and it is best to hire an attorney who takes their commitment seriously and is available on demand.

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