Free Spins vs. Mini Games in Online Slots

Many slots feature bonuses in terms of free spins and mini-games. These bonuses trigger when playing a particular slot game and help boost your chances of winning.

You can trigger a mini game or online slots UK free spins by landing various symbols, usually, three scatters or at least a pair of other bonus symbols. Some can also be triggered randomly. You can learn about the two bonus features by reading our free spins vs mini-games comparison below.

What are Free Spins?

Free spins are a promotional offer that you can get when playing in online casinos. They are a predetermined number of free spins that you can use on a particular slot machine. Free spins come in the form of no deposit bonuses or as part of a deposit bonus package (deposit free spins).

The no deposit free spins allow you to claim the bonus without paying any money at the casino. The category, however, includes a small number of free spins. The deposit free spins reward you a certain amount of free spins after you deposit into the casino.

The majority of Free spins bonuses come with specific wagering requirements—a pre-set promotional term that accompanies the free spins bonus or any other casino bonus. The wagering requirement describes the number of times you must wager through the bonus before you can turn the bonus into real money.

For example, let’s assume that a slot offers free spins with 35x wagering requirements. After using the free spins, you manage to win £10; you will have to bet a total of £350 before you can cash out.

Wagering requirements for free spins are standard across all online casinos. Therefore, you should consider them before you can start betting.

Recently, there has been a new trend whereby some slots offer wager-free free spins. This free spin eliminates the wagering requirements, making the bonus more player-friendly. You no longer have to grind through the requirements to claim the full value of the bonus.

What are Mini Games?

Mini-games are a relatively new concept in the online slots world. These are a little complex and require better graphics processing from the slots developers. But they are as good as free spins.

If you manage to unlock a free game within a slot, you are directed to a new screen which could feature a new set of reels, or a completely new game, where you will need to roll a dice or spin reels to collect the prize.

In addition to this, there is also a pick-me bonus round. In this bonus game, gamers must choose from several options on the screen in the hope of revealing a prize.

Which is Better?

It is not easy to say which is better, the free spins or the mini-games, as it comes down to personal preference. It also depends on how the slot developer has executed each. Free spins provide gamers with some consistency, which can be quite satisfying, while the mini-games like osrs arma guide offer variety, which is very exciting. Both are lucrative options, but it depends on how each is set in a specific slot.

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