Harnessing the Power of Future Generation High-Output Power Sources

There has never been a more crucial time for high-power power supply in the dynamic field of electrical engineering and power technology. For state-of-the-art solutions in photovoltaic inverter testing, solar panel modeling, and general electrical power testing, look no farther than the ActionPower PVD series of programmable DC power supplies.

Programmable DC Power Supply

The ActionPower PVD series boasts high precision, high dynamic, and wide-ranging output, making it the go-to choice for those in need of a powerful and versatile DC power supply. These programmable power supplies are equipped with a built-in independent high-precision voltage and current measurement system, allowing for seamless integration and easy programming.

Photovoltaic Simulator

One of the key features of the ActionPower PVD series is its suitability for photovoltaic inverter testing and solar panel simulation. With its advanced capabilities, this high-power power supply can accurately mimic the behavior of solar panels, enabling engineers and technicians to thoroughly test and validate their photovoltaic systems.

Electrical Power Testing

Beyond photovoltaic applications, the ActionPower PVD series is also an invaluable tool for general electrical power testing. Its wide-ranging output and high precision make it an ideal choice for a variety of electrical testing and measurement tasks, from component validation to system integration.


In short, the ActionPower PVD series of high-power power supplies is a game-changer in the world of electrical engineering and power technology. With its unparalleled performance, versatility, and ease of use, this programmable DC power supply is poised to revolutionize the way we approach power-related testing and simulation. As the demand for reliable and advanced power solutions continues to grow, the ActionPower PVD series stands tall as a cutting-edge solution that will power the future.

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