Having problems with your neighbor

Having problems with your neighbor

Anywhere someone owns a home will they most likely have a neighbor. Yes, there are certain places you can live where there are no neighbors for miles. The truth is that most homeowners have a neighbor no matter where they live. We have to think of our neighbor as an ally. In some instances, we may have a strained relationship with the person next door. It may be difficult because some people may be hard to handle. Not everyone is willing to help others or be friendly with them. What if you happen to fall in the category where you have an unruly neighbor. What type of problems could one face when living next door to one. Could things get so bad you may consider a way to “sell my house fast New Jersey“? People that don’t deal with a crazy neighbor could think that it is a crazy idea to sell just because of the person next door. You may have heard the term neighbor wars. It honestly is an actual thing people go through daily. What type of problems are these homeowners facing when we buy houses next door to a crappy neighbor.

How close are you

How close you are to your neighbor could make for a huge problem. In some instances, homeowners in New Jersey live in rowhomes where they are directly attached to the neighboring home. People in New Jersey also live in areas where they live at least 100 feet from their neighbors. A 100 feet may seem pretty far, but dealing with specific problems can be a hassle no matter the distance. Far or close, if you live next door to someone who does not take care of their home, it will directly affect you.

Dividing homes with a fence

In a perfect world, every homeowner would take excellent care of their home. It is not the case, however. Many homeowners across America are guilty of letting the conditions of their home slip. If your neighbor allows the inside of their house to turn rotten, it has no direct effect on you. It is when they let the destruction happen on the outside that’s when the problem starts. If you have a shared fence with your neighbor, that can be something that people see as an issue. A wall does not last forever. If you put one up, expect that in 10 years, the wood may rot. Specific cases that fence benefits you and your neighbor. You and your neighbor can pay half and get it fixed together in a perfect situation. If your neighbor is unreasonable, it could leave you paying for the fence. If you don’t have a fence up yet or if you have a beat up fence at home, you can get in touch with your local vinyl and wood fence installers.

Shared roofs are going bad.

A roof could be a severe problem that could affect you in more ways than one. Most rowhomes most likely share a porch roof with their neighbors. Let us say the top on your neighbor’s side begins building up water. If that water continues to sit there, that build-up can start piling up, causing significant problems to their roof and yours. What if your neighbor is ignorant to get it fixed. You could pay to get your side fixed, but that water will eventually build back up to your side. It is causing you to waste time and money getting it repaired.

Overgrown tree or bush

Sharing land with an unreasonable person is hard. Even if they’re not as close to you as others, you will often see a homeowner let their yard grow wild. From high grass, tree branches, and plumply bushes. When living next to someone who has a tree, you may notice in the fall all their leaves falling on your property or in heavy rainstorm branches showing up on your yard. There are even times when a bush of theirs grows into and destroys your fence. We would always love to go over into their yard and cut down the overgrown wildlife. Unfortunately, it is not the case; you have to hope they will handle these problems themselves. That will not always be the case, however.

Arguments and disputes

Everyone would like to think of themself as a calm levelheaded person. However, some things can get the most casual of people mad. Usually, if you are arguing with a neighbor daily, this will cause you to lose your cool. Arguments can range from the smallest to most important things. You may have even seen altercations get physical between neighbors. If that happens, the police get called, which no one wants to happen.

You cannot pick your neighbors.

They say you cannot pick your family. In a sense, you cannot choose your neighbors. Sometimes when we buy houses, we may meet the neighbors, and they come off pleasant first. Then when you move in, it becomes an actual nightmare. When you are looking to buy a home, sometimes, you may not even meet your neighbor at all until months down the road. When it comes to picking neighbors, it really can be tricky and out of your control. Learning how to live with them is the more challenging side of things.

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