How Can Easy Checkout be Beneficial for Your Business?

How Can Easy Checkout be Beneficial for Your Business?

While digitization has been a boon for everyone, the digital eCommerce area is cut-throat. Only those who provide their customers with the best shopping experience can thrive and stand out from the competition. And checkout is a big part of this experience. Contrary to the assumption that checkout constitutes only the payment page, it comprises everything from product details to payment completion. In short, it is a series of steps a customer follows beginning with adding a product to the cart and ending with making the payment. Online stores must leverage tools and technology to offer a customized checkout experience to customers that are both simple and enjoyable. If customers have hassle-free shopping and checkout, they are bound to shop with you again, boosting your revenue. This blog talks about the main benefits of having an easy checkout process for online businesses.

Importance of Checkout in Online Shopping

Checkout is an important process for online merchants as it could make or break their business. It does not matter how good your homepage is, how well your product is listed, or how easy the search process is, customers always pay importance to the layout and navigation experience of the checkout page.

When the user enters the checkout funnel, it means your website design and marketing have worked and customers are ready to make a transaction. However, if your checkout page design is poor and complicated, all the efforts could go in vain. Customers may abandon the cart at the last minute due to a long and cumbersome checkout. Failure to convert prospects into buyers means a loss in revenue.

The entire shopping experience from start to finish must be smooth and easy-going. Any disconnect between adding products to the cart and making payments can drive customers away. The checkout process must be structured, smooth, and simple to follow, without any disruptions.

A simplified checkout process is no longer a desire but a demand from customers. Around 87% of online shoppers may abandon the cart if checkout is complex, and 55% may abandon the retailer as well. These statistics show that consumers expect a quick, simple, and frictionless checkout. They typically look for:

  • Single-click checkout option
  • Automation payment option
  • Guest checkout option
  • Clear picture of the total cost

To offer simple and convenient checkout to the customers, online sellers can partner with reputed payment gateways such as Zaakpay. Zaakpay is one of the best payment gateways in India with all the essential features to speed up online transactions. By integrating with Zaakpay, merchants can leverage the facility of multiple payment options, instant payment options, and high-end security. By integrating with a reputed payment gateway, you can add credibility to their eCommerce site and remove the point of hesitation customers may have while making payment.

There are several simple methods to simplify the online checkout process for your consumers.

Steps to Optimize Checkout Process

  1. Prioritize on a mobile-friendly design

With maximum consumers shopping via mobile phones, as an eCommerce retailer, you must make your shopping platform and payments compatible with mobile phones. Your design and development of the checkout page must be mobile-friendly and uniform on all devices.

  1. Create a one-page checkout

Designing numerous pages for checkout is the top reason for halfway cart abandonment. A one-page or a maximum of a two-page checkout is ideal for a quick and simple checkout.

  1. Avoid any additional charges

Include all the charges such as shipping, taxes, etc. in the total cost, making them transparent to the buyer. Do not reveal any additional surprise charges later before finalizing the purchase leading to customer frustration.

  1. Include promo/coupon code

Wherever applicable, include discounts, coupons, and promo codes on the checkout page clearly so that the customer can avail of them. Any shopper will be delighted to get rebates and discounts that he may or may not be aware of. Hence, all the coupon fields and benefits must be visible and easy to comprehend.

  1. Avoid redundancy

Another reason users leave the cart page is due to the repeated requests for personal information such as an address, landmarks, mobile numbers, and so on. It has been seen that mostly, customer’s billing and shipping addresses are the same. Hence, include the option to pre-fill addresses to avoid wastage of time.

  1. Offer multiple payment options

A good eCommerce business must offer sufficient payment options to the buyer. Prioritize popular methods and develop other options. You can integrate with payment gateway such as Zaakpay to offer diverse options and have a simple payment process. Best payment gateways in India support multiple Credit/Debit Cards, eWallets to make the checkout experience very flexible.

  1. Keep the cart page simple

The shopping cart and checkout page must be kept as simple as possible with only the necessary, relevant information displayed. Any clutter on the page may make it difficult for consumers to understand the process and move forward with the payment.

  1. Enable auto-complete

Buyers will appreciate a shopping cart page that has the autocomplete feature for filling in their details. The auto-complete feature helps to fill out customer data automatically during the checkout process. Their data remains saved in the app until the cookies are cleared.

  1. Include guest checkout option

There must not be a compulsion for the customer to create an account or register to proceed with checkout. This requirement may need additional steps, slowing down the entire process and urging customers to re-think their purchase. To avoid this situation, always include the guest checkout option so that customers can proceed to payment by just giving their phone number and email Id.

One of the main goals of an eCommerce business is to keep the checkout process as simple and transparent as possible. Make it as less complicated as possible to ensure buyer cart abandonment. A user-friendly checkout process can retain existing customers and make them come back for future purchases.

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