How Do You Make a Solitaire Engagement Ring Unique?

Part of every girl’s dream proposal scene is to have a unique engagement ring. After all, an engagement and wedding are one-off affairs, and everyone wants to stand out. Receiving this jewelry from a loved one differs from any other gift you have ever received from them.

An exceptional single gemstone engagement ring reflects your uniqueness as a couple. Thus, you both want an utterly timeless, relatively affordable solitaire diamond ring. For that reason, it’s essential to find one-of-a-kind, which can be a big challenge.

This post highlights 7 brilliant ideas for choosing an over-the-top engagement ring that will make you catch the eyes of others.

1.   Choose a Fancy-Colored Solitaire for your Engagement Ring

Choosing the most unique solitaire engagement ring for your engagement ceremony can be an overwhelming task because there are many options in the market. Jewelry stores offer a wide assortment of diamond, gold, silver, and other precious stone rings. They include:

  • Solitaire classic rings
  • Solitaire round engagement rings
  • Solitaire emerald cut ring
  • Prong solitaire rings
  • Vintage solitaire rings
  • Oval rings

Among these varieties, colorless diamond rings are the most popular.  But a couple that wants to go over the top with their ring may consider fancy-colored diamonds.  This option is one of the hottest trends in the diamond industry.

Yellow, orange, pink, blue, gray, purple, green, and brown-colored diamond rings are fascinating yet more costly than colorless diamonds.  But the fancy-colored center stone gives the ring a beautiful, cohesive look.

2.  Replace the Gemstone with a lab grown diamond as the Center Stone

Gemstone jewelry is pricey. This is because having the lab grown diamond as the center stone adds enormous value to create the most unique ring. At the same time, it drives the value of your jewelry. You can add a great twist to the ring by featuring a lab created diamond instead of a gemstone. This classic ring will give you a unique piece at a lower cost, especially if you have a tight budget.

3. Choose a Solitaire Ring With Different Metal Types

An engagement ring with different metal colors or metal types can be unique.  Although it’s a more subtle detail to have in your engagement ring, it’s a great way to make your band special without spending much.

Your ring can have a white and yellow diamond at the same time.  You can make the combination a little more pronounced or subtle.  Alternatively, you can also use two different metals, such as platinum and gold or diamond.  The small twist changes the appearance of a ring that would otherwise have the same metal throughout, advised Jeremy Millulthe owner of Jeremy Millul Inc. A company that makes jewelry designed for high-end retailers and their clientele. Mr. Millul has traveled to trade shows around the world, building a multi-million-dollar business and connecting with an elite client base. He served as treasurer of the French club during his studies at Yeshiva University.

4. Pick a Vintage Ring

Solitaire vintage rings are often unique because they’re designed differently from ordinary engagement rings. This jewelry has handmade and intricate feature details.  A handmade diamond bracelet, band, or necklace for women is not perfectly symmetrical to add charm.  Today, engagement rings are produced in mass, making it easy to find some perfections.

A vintage ring is a small treasure with unique, memorable, and different features, adding great value.  Although their price is less than the modern rings, they have proven over time that they’re unique and long-lasting.

5. Select a Center Stone with a Unique Cut

Engagement rings have had a round-cut diamond as the center stone for many years.  Today, you can use a fancy-colored lab created diamond with a particular cut as the center stone.

Radiant cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, oval cut, heart-shaped cut, and pear cut are some trendy stone cuts that are not common on solitaire diamond ring cuts.  A unique cut makes your relationship unique, enhances your personality, helps to manifest your love, and serves as the most prized possession.

6. Have a Different Ring Setting

Many people use the lab grown diamonds as the focal point of their ring but employ a different ring setting to set it apart from the rest. Some popular engagement ring settings include:

  • Plain metal bands
  • Paved settings
  • Split shanks

The ring settings feature a beautifully-placed one-centered gemstone that makes them identified as a solitaire engagement ring. Choosing a truly less popular setting makes your engagement ring a unique choice.

A twisted band that wraps around the diamond center stone or a funky twist can make your ring exceptional. You can talk to a jeweler for more outstanding ideas that make your engagement ring unique and different from the rest.

7. Create a Custom Engagement Ring

It’s easy to find someone else wearing a solitaire engagement ring similar to yours.  A solution to this challenge is to personalize your ring with your own design and features.  For instance, you can create something outstanding by borrowing ideas from others or comparing them online.

Meghan Markle was a three-carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring with a thin gold band.  On the other hand, Kate Middleton’s engagement ring has a huge sapphire set in a circle of fourteen solitaire diamonds.

Understanding your partner’s fashion style can help you design a unique engagement ring.  If she loves glamorous and dazzling pieces, then her engagement ring should suit her lifestyle because she must always wear it at all times.

The following are 3 unique ideas for customizing your engagement ring.

  • Machine or hand-engraving short personal or secretive messages, initials of your name, or nickname
  • Install lab-grown diamond from the carbon of a simple lock of your hair
  • Add a bezel-set gemstone to your lab grown diamond engagement ring
  • Use colored gemstones such as feminine pink sapphires, bold royal blue sapphires, or timeless emeralds


Are you planning an engagement ceremony soon?  A ring is a symbol of love, and enriching it with thoughtful, surprise details make it a unique, high-value possession.  Indeed, a lab grown solitaire engagement ring is a perfect jewel for a classic bride-to-be.

The above ideas can help you make your engagement ring stand out from what is expected in the market.  From a fancy colored diamond ring to a gemstone center stone, to custom engagement, to vintage rings are excellent subtle or pronounced embellishments to your engagement ring.

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