How Long Does The Artificial Turf Last

How Long Does The Artificial Turf Last

Having an artificial grass without your house is being able to bring nature closer to you and without having to do a lot of maintenance. That’s because synthetic grass is based on a mixture of plastic granules and additives such as UV stabilizers as well as colorants. There are two types of fibers: fibrillated and monofilament.

And how long does an artificial turf last?

The durability of synthetic grass depends on 3 factors:

  1. Lawn size, as a smaller space, such as the court, tends to have a shorter duration. This happens due to repeated movement at the same points.
  1. Type of use of synthetic turf and also the number of hours it is used.
  1. The quality of the material, the UVA and UVB protection, the amount of additives that were used and the type of fiber makes all the difference too.

But what is most important is that the useful life of the artificial turf will enable the return invested, as well as a great return for many years to come.

Choosing a good material

The mix of synthetic materials differs a lot from supplier and product, which will determine the quality of the turf. As soon as their fibers are made, the blades are reinforced, as they are made with resistance to the force of temperature fluctuations ranging between -50°C and 50°C and to the strong tensile force.

Such fibers are grass which is wound into large spools and these spools are put into a machine four meters wide and needles are used in order to push the blades of grass. This is the same principle as a sewing machine, and this process is called tufting.


It is the type of fiber, the height of the fibers, the distance between the needles and others that will determine the appearance of the grass. If appropriate, the grass fibers are held in the support where a mixture of liquid is added and hardened in the oven to correct the fibers. And this is where the grass cover gets the name of artificial grass, as it will be ready for sale.

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