How revision must be done

How revision must be done?

Every student knows that revision is the vital and final step in the process of study. Yet few learners tend to skip that step due to lack of time, incomplete study for the exam or few feel it is not mandatory. Revision is the fundamental step that must be given the utmost attention and priority. At this stage, one will know how much has he remembered from his past studies, in which topic one lags behind and this shows the learner a clear understanding of his in-depth subject knowledge. In this article, we will throw some light on how the revision process must be carried out. 

What is revision?

Revision as the word suggests revising the things that are studied. Revision means to recall and recollect the things that are learnt already. Revision is not re-reading. In this step, one has to just try to remember the things one has learnt from that particular chapter and try to answer questions asked without any hesitation. If one fails to remember the concepts then one has to study the things again. When one is perfect with the chapter then one can proceed with the revision of the next topics. 

Go through the summary

A summary is short notes given behind each and every chapter of the textbook. Every chapter briefs the concepts covered in the lesson at the end.  All the prescribed textbooks for the academic curriculum and other reference books such as lakhmir Singh physics class 10 summarise the entire lesson in a crisp manner.  During the revision time, one will not have much time to read the entire chapter and grasp the things. One can go through the summary of the chapter and recall the concepts based on that. A  brief and quick recap of all the concepts of the lesson is described in the summary. Hence going through the summary leads to the easy revision of the entire chapter. 

Start early

The revision step has to be started at least a couple of days before the examination so that one will have extra backup time to study the things which one has forgotten or skipped. A revision is effective when started earlier. This helps to distribute the workload and appropriate time is given to the concepts that are not understood. Revision time also helps to reduce the stress of the examination. When one is fully prepared for the examination then revision is done quickly and one gets extra time to do the second revision. 

Sample papers

Solving a few sample papers is the best tool for revision. This method aids in familiarizing with the exam patterns and also aims at time management during examination. One will get to know where he stands for the particular subject. This method also helps in understanding the type of questions asked and the important concepts, theorem and derivations that were asked in the sample papers. Solving these kinds of papers enriches the knowledge of the entire syllabus and not just a few chapters of the subject. Solving previous year question papers is the best tool for revision. 

Think about what to revise

After studying one will have a clear understanding of his knowledge. Instead of revising the things, one is perfect with one can focus on revising the things which are utmost necessary. For instance, in biology, one can make a quick revision by going through a few questions from Lakhmir Singh Solutions For Class 10 Biology as it will give a detailed answer with diagrams wherever necessary. The topics that one faces difficulties can be done first and the rest can be kept for later. 

Relaxed night

The night before the examination must be a relaxed one. Many learners tend to sit for the later night just the night before the examination. This method is completely wrong. A relaxed mind and body are a must when one is attempting the exam. When the mind is relaxed, the concepts studied retain in the mind and one easily remembers during the examination. Find Your college paper helper. At, we employ a large team of experts so you can pick the best college essay writer for your task.

As the study is important for examination, the revision must also be given equal importance. As it is the step that helps to determine how well the student is prepared for the exam. Revision is like a pre-exam, here the learner tries to recall the things orally and in the examination, it is in the written format. Any step of the study process can be skipped but revision cannot and must not be skipped.

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