How to choose the right shades for your face type
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How to choose the right shades for your face type?

We all know that sunglasses are a necessary part of life. They’re also easy to spice up your look and ensure you’re ready for whatever the day brings. But they can be tough to shop for—especially if you don’t know what shape your face is. Luckily, we’ve got the solution: these tips will help you find the best pair of shades for your unique face shape!

The best sunglasses for oval faces

If you have an oval-shaped face, you can find a great pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses that will flatter your unique facial structure while providing extra protection from the sun. With these tips, you can choose the right shades for your face type:

  • Ovals are symmetrical and balanced. They have narrow jaws and chins and broad foreheads with prominent cheekbones.
  • The length of the nose is longer than its width and sits above the centre of the mouth.
  • The jawline is vast and full lips are typical as well.

The best sunglasses for round faces

Whether you’re looking for sunglasses that make your face look rounder or flatter, there are a few things to remember. For example, you want to avoid styles that will make you appear fatter than you are. Also, if your face is rounder on the bottom than at the top (like John Travolta’s), consider getting polarised lenses because they help correct light distortion caused by reflections off water or snow.

With all of these tips in mind—your age, skin tone and hair colour included—you should be able to find a pair of sunglasses that suits your style preferences and facial structure perfectly.

The best sunglasses for square faces

If you have a square face, you’ve probably noticed that it looks broader due to your cheekbones and forehead being on the same plane. For example, if someone tells you that they have a square face shape and wants to know what sunglasses are best for them, they recommend something small and rounded like the Ray Ban sunglasses.

The trick here is to choose something narrow enough–the former will only amplify your already comprehensive facial features, while the latter will make them appear even longer!

The best sunglasses for heart-shaped faces

Broad foreheads, a narrow chin and jawline, and high cheekbones characterise heart-shaped faces. For heart-shaped faces, it’s essential to avoid sunglasses that make you appear wider than you are. Sunglasses should not be too broad or square for your face shape.

Sunglasses should also have medium coverage at the sides of your head so they don’t make you look even narrower. A good rule of thumb is that if you can see more than half of your cheek when looking straight ahead through the lenses (without tilting them up), then they aren’t providing enough coverage on the sides of your head and may make your face appear wider than it is.

The best sunglasses for diamond-shaped faces

If you have a diamond-shaped face, your forehead is more comprehensive than your cheekbones. You can also find roundness in the jawline and chin area as well. This shape is great if you want to draw attention to your eyes while making your nose seem smaller!

When choosing sunglasses for diamond-shaped faces:

  • Look for wide frames at the top and bottom but narrow in width towards the middle.
  • Look for frames with straight lines or curved lines (not round).

Once you know your face type, finding the right, flattering pair of shades is easy.

  • Oval: If your face is longer and thinner than it is wide, you have an oval shape.
  • Round: If your face is rounder with a soft jawline and chin, this is your head’s shape.
  • Square: If your forehead and cheeks are more angular but rounded off at the edges (like Ben Affleck), this describes your head shape.
  • Heart-shaped: This means that there’s a curve where the chin meets the neck, like Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston.
  • Diamond-shaped: This refers to cheekbones that are higher than they are wide—and often accompanied by a prominent forehead and nose bridge—as seen in Sarah Jessica Parker or Gwyneth Paltrow

Once you know your face shape, finding the right, flattering pair of shades is easy. For example, if your face is oval, then tortoiseshell frames will flatter your features best because they widen at the temples, which creates an illusion of width. If you want a bolder look, wear black glasses with coloured lenses like blue or orange because they complement dark skin tones well. But if you’re worried about looking too dark in sunglasses, stay away from colours like red or yellow because they’ll make anyone look washed out.

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