How to Decorate Houses With Stones

How to Decorate Houses With Stones

Decorating a house requires a well thought out project so that there are no regrets later, after all, a renovation, even in the decoration, is quite tiring, isn’t it? If you want to put stones in your home decor, be inspired by these tips.

Decorating the inner wall of the house with stones is in fashion and the stones leave the place more exuberant and with an air of refinement, however, be careful when choosing the type of stones. The market has different types of stones that are perfect for lining walls for residential decoration. Among them are: stone from Minas, Portuguese stone, iron stone and São Tomé.

All these types provide different environments for our home, in addition to providing a special contrast with furniture in different styles. Each stone has its own texture, color and peculiarities, but all highlight the walls on which they are placed, making it an excellent replacement for wallpapers and paintings.

Special effect for stone walls

After placing the stones on the walls, how about giving them a unique touch and lighting them by targeted spots? You will see how amazing the effect is. And it’s not because the stones have a rustic look that they can’t be modern or even classic. To do this, combine them with other accessories and items within the style.


All stones are very beautiful in the decoration of the environment and your choice is up to you. Do you intend to have a stone wall in your house?

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