How to Download WiFi Protector

How to Download WiFi Protector

Having a wireless internet network at home is great as you can access the web from your tablet, notebook and smartphone. However, to have a Wi-Fi network you need to pay attention to some factors, as some people around you may “steal” your signal without you knowing and use your connection to download files, play games or even surf the web and that will make your connection very slow.

Not to mention that malicious people can monitor data traffic on your network and discover your online habits, thus installing malicious programs and stealing your passwords, cards and document numbers. Learn here how to download WiFi Protector and keep your data safe.

Installing Wi-Fi Protector

Wi-Fi Protector is a free program and offers many features, such as scanning your network for people connected to it without your authorization, looking for snoopers and possible virus threats. To install it, just download it and then click on a green button that is right in the center of the application screen, “Stay protected”.

Afterwards, it will start scanning your wireless network, identifying and showing you all the devices that are connected to it. For example, tablets, notebooks and smartphones in your home, so you can mark the ones that are trustworthy. Not to mention that if a device you don’t know appears, the program offers the option of blocking it from your network.

And you can rest assured that while the program works it will always notify you when a new device connects to the network, using its signal. So you can grant access or not.


Important: Wi-Fi Protector is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and Vista and is a program that has a free use license and you can find it . When installing it, pay attention, because the application comes with some add-ons such as the modification of its toolbar and the default search engine. If you don’t want to install these items, just uncheck them.

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