How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently?

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently?

Bed bugs are common residential pests in the United States that feed on the blood of people when they are sleeping. You can recognize whether you have these bugs in your home by the bite marks on your body, mostly arms and legs. These bugs feed not only on the blood of humans but also animals. Therefore, your furry companions are not safe as well. 

These small, brownish-red bugs can live for months without feeding. Therefore, if you think you can kill the bugs just by vacating your home for a few days, you are about to get disappointed. You need to take quick action to get rid of these bugs the first time you see one crawling under your bed. Click here to learn more

Tips to remove bed bugs permanently 

  • Wash and dry clothes at high temperatures. 

If your house is already infested with bed bugs all over your mattresses and clothes, you may want to wash them in hot water and dry them using hot air. One thing that bed bugs hate is heat, and heat can kill them. Pest professionals use and recommend using professional tools to kill bed bugs. However, for homeowners, a steam cleaner can work just fine to kill bed bugs in clothes. 

  • Check the mattresses. 

If you have noticed reddish-brown spots on your light-colored mattresses, they are probably a sign of a bed bug infestation. While bed bugs are not only restricted to beds, they are the most common place one can find them. Scrub the seams of your mattress and bed frames using a brush. This will help remove the bed bug eggs as well as their shells from the mattresses. Next, vacuum the place. 

Remember to keep the vacuum outside in the sun sealed in a plastic bag. This will allow the infested vacuum to get rid of the bed bugs. 

  • Freeze items that you cannot heat. 

Heat kills bed bugs. But, it might not be possible for you to heat all infested items. Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures of zero degrees Fahrenheit also kills bed bugs. You can freeze-infested books, toys, shoes, and photo frames. However, do not simply put them in the freezer. First, put them in a sealed plastic bag and freeze them for four to five days straight before taking them out. The bed bugs should suffocate and die.

These are some home remedies to get rid of bed bugs. For professional care, call pest control today. 

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