Iconic Basketball Teams We All Root For
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Iconic Basketball Teams We All Root For

Basketball is undoubtedly the most popular sport on the planet. Celebrated players such as Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan helped popularize the game—we all remember how much we put things on the line on https://tonybet.com/ca/live-casino for their victory. But you don’t have to be a fan of the game to appreciate legendary basketball teams and their significance to the sport. There have been several noteworthy events in basketball history that have transcended the sport’s boundaries and entered popular culture. With supporters from all around the world, appreciating the efforts of great basketball teams is a necessity for all sports lovers.

Golden State Warriors

Previously called the Philadelphia Warriors, The Golden State Warriors migrated to San Francisco in 1962. The team has had numerous notable peaks in their half a century of existence as a basketball club in the NBA. The Golden State Warriors won their first NBA championship after relocating to California in 1975. The team outperformed expectations by sweeping the Washington Bullets in multiple games.

In 2009, the Golden State Warriors received a progressive draft pick in Stephen Curry. Curry and Klay Thompson were known as the “Splash Brothers” by fans. In 2015, the Splash Brothers returned the NBA championship to their home. The Warriors won two additional championships after Kevin Durant joined the club in 2016, before heading on to the Brooklyn Nets 4 years later.

Sacramento Kings

Sacramento is home to the Sacramento Kings, the only franchise in the leading pro North American sports leagues. While this NBA franchise was relocated to Sacramento in 1985, it has a history that predates the 1980s. The Kings were previously named the Rochester Royals, then renamed the Kansas City Royals, and finally the Kansas City Kings.

This basketball squad has always been in a state of flux. In their three-plus decades in California, they’ve only had seven seasons with a winning record. Their most well-known squad was the one that was founded in 2002. However, the year will be remembered by the Kings’ supporters as tear-jerking. Most fans thought that the NBA intended the Lakers to win the series.

Ultimately, this basketball team’s history has been filled with highs and lows. Considering the rivalry between the Lakers and the Kings, Shaquille O’Neal became a part-owner of the team when it was sold in 2013.

Los Angeles Lakers

This NBA club got its illustrious status via a long and illustrious history that goes back to the 1940s. The franchise, formerly titled the Detroit Gems and also the Minneapolis Lakers, moved to Los Angeles in the early 1960s. However, there’s no denying that the most thrilling moments in Lakers’ history occurred following this transfer. The Lakers’ colorful history is difficult to encapsulate, as they hold the all-time record for victories and NBA finals appearances.

It started with the Baylor/West/Chamberlain period. Then came the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar/Magic Johnson/Showtime era. After that followed the Kobe/Shaq era. And, beginning in 2016, the LeBron James/Davis era took over. Throughout these eras, the Lakers have won 11 championships. For fans, nothing beats pulling for a franchise like the Lakers. This basketball club established a national standard in NBA history by always being competitive, always looking for the next best draft pick, and always being very devoted to their local supporters.

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