Importance of Architectural Signage & FAQs

Importance of Architectural Signage & FAQs

The signage and its importance have changed a lot since the last decade. The digital revolution has also influenced the usage of signage. Today, signage can bring a brand to life, and it is more about experiencing the brand positioning than just an advertisement. Interior and exterior signages make an organization complete, or else it (organization) will be an entity without an identity. Architectural signage is something that represents the brand and makes you feel their presence—whether it’s facades, wayfinding, temporary installations, or art, everything works the same way. 

The new signages have pushed the boundaries of traditional signage through illumination, glass treatment, wall, and integrated displays. In this digital world, where advertisements are now focused on digital platforms, signages remain essential for a business’s success. 

Some signages are very helpful for people who have dementia, making it easier for them to navigate through the indoor or outdoor premises. Overall, the importance of signage remains the same even after decades.

This article will list some frequently asked questions/doubts regarding the signage.

Signage FAQs

What is architectural signage?

It is signage that includes customized signs or a signage set-up to ensure brand identification and wayfinding within a particular infrastructure, campus, or laboratory/research centre. The signages usually integrate brand identity, surrounding decor, and wayfinding. These signages are manufactured with precision and care, bringing the building to life.

What are the materials that are used in manufacturing these signages?

The companies that produce signages work in tandem with architects, branding agencies, designers, etc., and provide appropriate material and installation techniques as per the budget and building structure. The commonly used materials in signage making are metal, acrylic, glass, stone, magnetics, exotic wood, digital signage, architectural films, and whiteboards.

What types of signs can you get for interior and exterior signage?

These signages include a broad range of solutions for the environment and infrastructure. Whether you plan to showcase your brand identity on the exterior of your infrastructure or connect people with interior wayfinding. You can avail a wide range of products, materials, and technology for the signs. There are several types of digital signage and interior wall graphics, and for exterior, you get dimensional letters.

What is the durability/lifespan of signage?

As mentioned above, signage can be made of several materials and even a combination of materials. The durability or lifespan of signage depends on several other factors such as the environment/climate, pollution, etc. You will find that the same signage will have different durabilities in indoor and outdoor environments. Depending on several conditions, signages can survive from a few years to decades.

Can you incorporate the brand logo into the signage?

It is not a problem when it comes to incorporating logos, pictures, or related items into the signage. An expert designer can include the required items in the signage without altering or damaging the beauty or design of the signage.

How are these signs mounted?

These signs can be attached to the wall, pole, and even floors and become a part of the design of the building, campus, or facility. There are stand-alone signages that also look like a part of the building design.

Are these signages affordable?

You can find agencies providing custom signages for affordable prices nearby you. The material you choose for the signage, the design, the fonts, etc., will contribute to the total expenses of the signage.

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