Introduction About MOV Varistors

Resistance device with nonlinear volt-ampere properties; also called a MOV varistor . Zinc oxide (ZnO), a compound of zinc (Zn), a divalent element, and oxygen (O), a hexavalent element, is currently commonly utilized for the varistor body material (O). The zinc oxide varistor is, thus, an “II-VI oxide semiconductor” in terms of its chemical composition.

To protect delicate components from damage caused by overvoltage, varistors are typically employed for voltage clamping, where they absorb the excess current.

What is a MOV?

MOV is a protective device having nonlinear volt-ampere properties that limit voltage. Its body is a zinc Oxide particle-based matrix structure, and the grain boundaries between particles resemble the electrical properties of a bidirectional PN junction.

Application Of MOV: MOV is often employed in tandem with protected equipment or devices. When the circuit is overvoltage, they absorb the excess current to safeguard the subsequent circuit. You may learn more about this from here.

In a high resistance state, the leakage current is as low as tens of microamps. When the voltage applied at both ends slightly exceeds the rated value, the resistance value drops sharply and immediately enters the conduction state, the current working increases by several orders of magnitude, and the reaction time decreases significantly. When the voltage supplied to both ends surpasses their maximum limit, the component will fail and become irreparably damaged, unable to recover independently.

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