Is It Time To Switch To CBD Oil For Your Dogs

You may have noticed that your pups are growing up, as much as we would love them to stay so small and cute, like with everything, we need to embrace the next chapter of our lives and so as theirs. 

It can be tricky enough to make sure that each dog sticks to their own food bowl and not diving into their brother or sister’s dinner, but giving them the essential nutrients and vitamins needed for their daily tumbles and wrestling sessions is a must. 

Too often pet owners simply carry on with the usual meals and proteins or fats that they always have, irrespective of if the dog is or has grown to a completely new stage in life, and this can be detrimental to their health. We will take a look at why throughout this article. 

Health aware. 

If you think about it when you look at your children you didn’t keep them on milk and baby foods for years on end, you gradually weaned them onto solids and more age-appropriate foods, well the same goes for dogs.

Naturally, younger dogs and puppies have what seems to be an endless supply of energy and thus they need the sustenance to fuel them in their daily activities and adventures. There are many ways or methods to go about planning a menu or mealtimes according to age, see some tips on that here, but ideally, you want professional advice from your vet or dog trainer to help guide you on the right path till you become comfortable and familiar with the information. 

You want to look at recipes (suitable for dogs, of course) which contain high fats, medium carbs, and protein to keep their energy levels up but also to build and repair their growing muscles and ensure proper development. Wholesome foods combined with good fats such as Omega 3 are a great combination and your dogs will be lining up when they hear the clinking of the food dishes. 

As they age and get older and are essentially less active we need to make some changes. Still keeping to wholesome, organic ingredients as far as possible, think about swapping high-fat foods to more protein and vegetable-based for nutrients and minerals. Too many fats in the diet can cause obesity in dogs, especially since they aren’t running around as much or for as long to be able to burn them.

We need to think about creating a well-balanced meal plan for our dogs whilst still maintaining the maximum amount of vitamins and adding a natural supplement may just be the answer. Products such as CBD for dogs have shown great potential in regulating and maintaining proper body functioning but also to eliminate the toxic and painful buildup between joints and muscles giving your canine improved physical freedom.

Is It Time To Switch To CBD Oil For Your Dogs

Products such as these not only help to keep your dog in their best health possible but it has the bonus of being chemical-free, grown naturally, and harvested using eco-friendly and ethical extraction processes.  Cannabidiol is taking the world by storm, treating internal issues as well as healthier skin and fur on animals. This humble plant may be just the answer you have been looking for when it comes to optimal health care for your four-legged companion. 

A new, natural approach. 

As your furry face family members age gracefully we usually begin to see signs of them entering their second or third trimester, perhaps they aren’t as speedy as they once were chasing after the kids or pigeons in the garden or seem less energetic than usual.

You may even notice them bordering on increased irritability or simply ‘not being in the mood’ which can be heartbreaking for kids when all they want to do is cuddle and play with their real-life teddy bear, but there is something you can do about it.

Implementing CBD into your dogs’ diets (among other things of which you can click here to learn more about) can significantly improve their overall mood and morale. The endocannabinoid system receptors work harmoniously with the cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa plant, this makes digestion and absorption into the blood that much more efficient and effective.

Symptoms of pain tend to be more frequent at this age too and the last we want to see is our little furball in pain which they are unable to effectively communicate without a whimper or droopy eyes, and this is easily tended to with a daily dose of the recommended amount of CBD. 

You could opt to stir a few drops into their meal before serving which is the easiest method and you know it will be digested. Or if possible you could put the oil directly into their mouth (if you have this close bond and relationship where they don’t mind their mouth being held open or being tugged at- easier in a home with children no doubt) and this way it gets to work immediately. 

Think long-term.

The life we have is short as it is not to mention that of our beloved pets, we need to give them the quality and longevity of life they deserve, using natural plant products and herbs makes it easier but also healthier. Mother Nature has nurtured us for centuries, she isn’t about to let us down now and Cannabidiol is the way of the future, your pet deserves it.

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