Klever Learning Week At Kucoin Brings Huge Prizes And Surprises

The innovative and highly capable team of KuCoin ranked it among the top cryptocurrency exchanges. Eighteen million people use the KuCoin platform because of its user-friendly features. Every 1 out of 4 traders of the world present on KuCoin. There are lots of offers KuCoin always promote on their platform to engage with their community and provide the maximum benefits. These benefits are in the form of coins and coupons. This article will discuss how the Klever learning week at KuCoin brings huge prizes and surprises.


Klever offers a more advanced, more transparent blockchain for the decentralized market. This high-class blockchain offers 3000 transactions per second (TPS). Rather than a smart contract, Klever offers an APP (Kapps) that is rebuilt and ready to use. This app is native to the blockchain. Also, Klever SDK enables mobile and web developers to offer decentralized services with very low code integration.

These developers don’t need much-advanced knowledge for these financial services. With the help of Klever SDK (software development kit), users can build different transactions for various currencies and blockchains without knowing much about the crypto world.

Klever Learning Week On Kucoin

Several activities are going on at Klever pool. The main purpose is to make people aware of the Klever infrastructure. It will also help promote the crypto industry. Let us discuss each activity here in detail.

Activity 1 Provide Bonus To New KLV Users, And Distribute 1,400,000 KLV Prize Pool

In Pool A first 400 users with a trading amount of 10,000 KLV in buying or selling received 1000 KLV. While in Pool B, new users with a trading amount of 5,000 KLV got an amount from the 1,000,000 KLV prize pool. This distribution occurred according to the volume of users trading.

Activity 2 Learn Klever And Earn 1,200,000 Prize Pool

Another interesting task this week is giving 600 KLV to the first 2000 users by completing some challenges. Those users should trade 1000 KLV, read the KLV articles and finish the Gleam task.

Activity 3 KLV Traders Exclusive Party Share 680,000 KLV Prize Pool

The users who reached a 20000 KLV I trading volume was rewarded with the 680,000 KLV prize pool. The first rank user got 80,000 KLV, the second rank trader received 60,000 KLV, while the 3rd rank user got 50,000 KLV as a reward. Similarly, 4 to 10 rank users received 30,000 KLV each. All the remaining traders got a prize from the 280,000 KLV pool.


The kuCoin platform always supports different projects and coins. There is no competition for KuCoin in the daily rewards and promotions. If you consider their affiliate program, it provides you lifetime referral benefits, not a one-time benefit like other exchanges offer. You will get the best BTC, ETH, and USDC prices on the KuCoin site. Also, a huge variety of pairs are listed on KuCoin, including ADA/BTC, ETH/BTC, etc. In this article, we already talk about the support provided by KuCoin to Klever blockchain.

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