Kucoin The Best Exchange For Future Trading And Margin Trading

Kucoin The Best Exchange For Future Trading And Margin Trading

If you are interested in the crypto market and looking for the best exchange for trading, then you are at the right place, and we are introducing a KuCoin in front of you. KuCoin reaches 18 million users on its platform and hits a 1 trillion-dollar trading volume. KuCoin also ranks among the top crypto trading platform. KuCoin offers several ways of trading on its platform, including a spot, future, margin, P2P, and fiat. Today we discuss in detail why KuCoin is the best exchange for future and margin trading.

Margin Trading

The concept of margin trading is difficult for some people to understand. This concept is considered low volatile and slow, like in the forex industry. However, it is now shifted to the crypto industry. You can easily understand the concept of margin trading by considering leverage trading. In margin trading, you borrow money to increase your portfolio. Now you have a bigger buying power on the same account. In margin trading, traders also get access to various assets. This type of trading enables you to take more trade than your deposit funds. While on other trading methods like a spot, you can’t buy more than your wallet funds.

The fee structure in the margin is similar to spot, and you will charge 0.1% per transaction. At the same time, the interest in borrowing money is calculated separately. So, it would help if you considered it before borrowing money.

Futures Trading

KuCoin’s future trading is one of the most advanced ways of trading. Most traders love to trade their assets in the future. Therefore, the KuCoin future holds more trading volume every quarter. KuCoin future provides leverage to its users, and you can open positions on both buy and sell sides. Due to that reason, on each crypto exchange, KuCoin futures holds a maximum trading volume. You must know about the different aspects of this type of trading like liquidity, PNL, index price, etc. Also, KuCoin’s future comes with a maximum risk alongside more profit. Therefore, to trade safely, you must manage risk properly. KuCoin also offers a risk management guide for its users.

The future trading fee is explained by considering the loan rate between USD/USDT. The base and the quote currency loan rate are about 0.03% to 0%, which sometimes reduces the future perpetual fee to zero.


Most crypto lovers are interested in Bitcoin and looking for the safest platform to invest in BTC. KuCoin is one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges with high-class security measures. There are lots of market information also present on KuCoin. This information includes powerful coins like ALGO price, live charts, order book, etc. There is a huge list of Altcoins that is also present on KuCoin. KuCoin also offers different ways to trade on its platform. If you have a low budget, then margin trading will help you to borrow more money. Similarly, you can use a leverage feature for more buying capacity in future trading.

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