Leading AMR Software and Hardware Developer: ForwardX

As the earliest, most professional, and dedicated vision navigation AMR company, ForwardX has created the 4th generation vision AMR recognized by customers worldwide and has also developed the world’s leading universal software platform for mobile robots. This platform is the commander of AMRs and can help AMR automation solutions work at their best.

The leading integrated AMR system

The platform has a strong technical background and is based on ForwardX’s self-developed deep-learning-based robot perception and decision-making platform and reinforcement-learning-based multi-intelligent body dispatching system. The powerful intelligence foundation makes ForwardX the world’s leading company with AMR cross-industry mass dispatching capabilites, forming a unique technological barrier. Such a perfect AMR solution can be landed globally across different industries and scenarios, such as logistics and manufacturing.

Globally recognized automation solution provider

Currently, ForwardX is the world’s only visual AMR company with commercial large-scale cluster scheduling capability, which has been recognized by three parties, including EU CE-MD and FCC, and has reached strategic cooperation with Huawei, Intel, and other internationally renowned companies to empower industry customers jointly.


ForwardX Robotics is a global technology developer focused on artificial intelligence and its successful application in intelligent robotics. For such a technologically advanced company, visit ForwardX’s official website for more details.

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