Learning UiPath Uses

Learning UiPath Uses

UiPath’s Robotic process automation (RPA) has already turned out to be a boon to businesses across industries. While it provides a solid platform for companies to speed up their operations by automating critical repetitive tasks, the software has been equally popular among professionals and students.  

A proven track record and futuristic features are what make UiPath RPA an in-demand course among those planning to have a stable, well-paid, and successful career in the field of digital technology.

Individuals can choose from multiple free and paid UiPath courses available online to match their requirements based on qualification and expertise. The courses include foundation training, orchestrator training, and advanced training. Candidates also have the option to pursue the course in self-learning, instructor-led, or certification training mode. Check out this UiPath Training Certification Course.

Some of the best courses available online 

RPA Developer Foundation: It’s a foundation training course designed by merging different RPA Development courses for individuals interested in learning more about RPA development. It teaches how to create production-ready automation workflows and components. Since it’s a beginner’s course, the focus remains on the UiPath Studio tool and other common concepts. The course acts as a stepping stone to expanding one’s RPA knowledge by learning advanced courses. The subjects covered in the course can take up to 5 hours each to learn. The entire course duration can last up to 36 hours. To develop your basics in RPA learn from UiPath Tutorial for Beginners. 

Citizen Developer Foundation: This training module has been developed by combining as many as 12 individual courses on UiPath StudioX to allow candidates to become citizen developers. It also teaches how to use the tool to create a range of automation. The course acts as an introduction to the tool so that students are able to expand their knowledge and create specific automation. The course starts at a beginner’s level and goes up to intermediate. The subjects covered in the course can take up to 3 hours each to learn. The entire course duration can last up to 16 hours. 

RPA Business Analyst: This course is ideal for business analysts looking to expand their knowledge of RPA. The training module is an amalgamation of two courses: Introduction to RPA and Automation, and RPA Business Analysis Fundamentals.  Introduction to RPA and Automation is the first course that paves the way for entry into the world of enterprise automation. The second course – RPA Business Analysis Fundamentals – covers the role of a Business Analyst in each stage of RPA implementation.  The two subjects covered in the course take 1 and 2.5 hours to complete, respectively. Like the previous two courses, the third one also starts at a beginner’s level and progresses through to intermediate. 

Document Understanding: This course has been designed to demonstrate how the UiPath Document Understanding Framework upskills individuals to process different document types and structures with a single automated process. The course covers training on how Studio and Robot extract and interpret information. 

AI Centre Overview: This course focuses on how RPA and AI work together with UiPath by teaching how to automate more and improve decision-making in automation projects. 

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