Mastering Cardiac Interventions with APT Medical’s Transseptal Approach

With its efficacy and safety, the transseptal approach has been a game changer in the field of electrophysiology. Leading innovator in medical technology, APT Medical leads the way with its superior solutions for smooth transseptal approach.

Smooth Crossing with Braidin™ Cross

APT Medical’s Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Needle and Sheath redefine the standards of smooth crossing. The stainless steel braided structure ensures superior kink resistance and curve durability, providing a reliable and robust solution for clinicians. Smooth transition between the sheath, dilator and needle reduces the friction during puncture, while the PTFE inner layer of sheath enhances the smooth delivery of the catheter, facilitating the smooth crossing..

Strong Support for Electrophysiologists

Electrophysiologists benefit from APT Medical’s commitment to excellence. The Braidin™ Cross transseptal sheath, with its three-layer braided structure, offers enhanced support, pushability and torqueability, addressing the intricate nature of vascular interventions.

Choosing Freedom with Multiple Curves

APT Medical understands the diverse clinical needs of healthcare professionals. The Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Needle and Sheath provide multiple options for curves, allowing clinicians the freedom to choose the most suitable configuration for different procedures. This adaptability contributes to the success and efficiency of transseptal approaches.


In summary, APT Medical showcases a strong commitment to expertise in the transseptal approach through the innovative design and functionality of the Braidin™ Cross products. These offerings provide electrophysiologists with seamless crossing, robust support, and a variety of curve options. APT Medical empowers healthcare professionals to enhance their procedures, ultimately guaranteeing optimal outcomes for patients.

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