Mechanical Seal Maintenance Tips

Mechanical Seal Maintenance Tips

Mechanical seals seal and unite two pieces. Pumps, compressors, and other spinning shafts need mechanical seals.

Equipment and seals must be well-maintained. Poorly maintained seals may leak, causing breakage, downtime, and employee injury.

Here are some ideas for Mechanical Seal maintenance and longevity:

Mechanical seal maintenance tips

Seal lubrication Mechanical seals need perfect lubrication to work with spinning shafts and pumps. If there is no fluid barrier between seal faces to minimize friction and cool them, heat will build up, causing dry runs, high friction, increased temperature, and more seal wear and tear.

To guarantee your Mechanical seals don’t run dry, install Dry Run Monitor, which alerts personnel or the responsible party when there is inadequate lubrication. This keeps mechanical seals working well.

Vibration Check

Excessive vibration indicates the pump is not functioning within its BEP (Best Efficiency Point); this may create re-circulation and cavitation, which transfers vibration from the impeller to the shafts and mechanical seals. This vibration might cause increased friction and seal face deterioration. Couplings or suctions may be misaligned.


Proper installation techniques, including plate and shaft alignment, number and position of fasteners, torque level, suitable venting, and port connection, may increase the Mechanical seal’s and system’s lifetime. Incorrect installation might cause seal and machinery wear. Seals must be properly placed, aligned, and geometric.

Pump specs

Suppose the pumps’ alignment, torque level, or other crucial parameters aren’t matched. The mechanical seal will absorb excess stress, reducing its lifetime.


Maintaining equipment and its seals is vital. We hope these ideas for Mechanical Seal maintenance and longevity are useful. Junty is one of the top mechanical suppliers, producing mechanical seals and sealing components per client designs, samples, or needs. Contact us about mechanical seal.

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