Minimalism is the new ‘IN THING’. Here are some ways you can style lightweight necklaces on different outfits

Minimalism is the new ‘IN THING’. Here are some ways you can style lightweight necklaces on different outfits

Every woman should have a collection of basic and minimal jewelry. Whether you favor silver, gold, gemstone, or a combination of it all, every wardrobe should have a roster of daily jewelry. It takes effort to find the appropriate pieces that seem personal, and fine metals come at a wide variety of costs. A minimalist necklace, earring, ring, or bracelet can often last a lifetime, and their wearability more than compensates for the price per wear. They don’t always have to be simple, though. 

‘Look in the mirror and take one thing off before you leave the house,’ Coco Chanel reportedly stated. This is especially true when it comes to huge jewelry designs and items that can make an ensemble appear cluttered and cumbersome. However, with simple jewelry, this will never be the case. This should, therefore, come as no surprise that minimal jewelry is now making the rounds as a real fashion statement. Fashion and jewelry trends have wrapped their heads around the concept of subtlety and basicness. One of the major reasons why people are opting for lightweight options in jewelry without much protest and hassle is because they can give an accent or elegance to the ensemble without going overboard. 

What is minimalism – Basically, minimalist jewelry can be considered as delicate, non-ostentatious, and graceful designs that can be worn to subtly, but effectively, enhance the overall look of an outfit. People with a simple sense of fashion mostly began wearing such kinds of designs. Light weight gold necklace designs, simple rings, stud earrings, anklets, or a thin bracelet, all of these fall under the bracket of minimalism. Smaller pieces with a simple design in a monochrome effect or a single neutral shade can be subtle. People who prefer to wear big and bold patterns can also carry subtle styles by adding on a few of them to make them look heavier. Minimalism adds a touch of details without overshadowing the other important parts of an outfit. They do not complicate the attire by adding on to them unnecessarily. The overall effect of dainty jewelry is pleasing to the eye and allows a refined and polished look.

Here is how you can style minimal and lightweight necklaces on different attires:

  • Layers of minimal jewelry – A huge part of the fun is to try on several dainty necklaces to be a part of the whole outfit. They need not be of one color or style. Single chains of varying lengths can be worn with a little black dress or a plain top that would help enhance the effect of the look. For a less cluttered look, you can add 3-4 layers of single, thin necklaces at the maximum.
  • Simple single gold necklace – Because the neck can be such a focal point, wearing something simple would go a long way in directing the attention. Even a plain chain with a tiny motif looks amazing when worn as a necklace. Minimalist gold necklaces can be worn anytime as they are eye-catching, but not too much. Barbecues, shopping, family picnics, you can wear them anywhere. 
  • Different metals – Wearing simple gold necklaces with a fusion of different metals – whether it is a gemstone, silver, diamonds, or even different colors of gold, can look classy. This contrast wear is now trending and we see celebs and influencers donning this look. Add this style to your collection and look your best effortlessly. 
  • Work and daily wear – No other form of jewelry apart from minimalistic ones would be a good match for wearing daily. To not look overdone in your daily routine but just enough to add a glimmer of class and style, a basic gold necklace should be enough. Simple designs like rings, nature-based, moon, hearts, or any other motifs can be chosen to wear daily. 

Styling minimalist necklaces is not a tough job, you can hardly go wrong. Be an active part of this latest trend by directing your gaze to subtlety and chicness with dainty jewelry. 

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