Online Master's In Public Health Programs

Online Master’s In Public Health Programs

This guide will help you find the best online graduate certificates and masters in public health degree programs from premier universities around the globe. In addition, you’ll learn about different types of degrees and eligibility requirements required for each type, as well as recommendations for distance learning programs with interactive classes and resources available 24 hours a day. 

If you are looking to gain expertise, knowledge, or work experience related to public health without spending countless hours studying on your own time, this is a guide that should inspire you. This guide will help you compare and contrast programs in your search to find the best program that matches your goals and ambitions, as well as the public health degrees that fit your needs. 

What Is a Master of Public Health?

A Master of Public Health (MPH) degree is a post-baccalaureate degree that provides students with an understanding of the organizational, policy, behavioural, and social processes involved in public health. Students graduating with a Master of Public Health degree typically work in the public health field for agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization.

Public health comprises various disciplines, including epidemiology, environmental justice, community engagement and nutrition. These are some of the most common areas that master’s programs in public health will prepare their graduates to work in.

Types of Online Public Health Master’s Programs

Programs right at home Making the transition to a traditional campus-based program can be difficult. The benefits of online courses of master’s in public health programs are perfect if you look to continue your education while staying on top of family and work obligations. This means you can get your degree via an online program while spending less time on the road, which makes this type of distance learning great for those with full-time jobs and caring responsibilities.

Some of these online master’s in public health programs are offered entirely online with no campus-based requirements. These programs could be the right choice for you if you plan to continue working while pursuing a degree. Other programs may require on-campus weekend classes or a specific number of days spent studying on campus during the semester. 

What Can You Do With a Master’s in Public Health?

People who earn their master’s degrees in public health are well prepared to take on leadership roles within many different organizations, especially those that deal with various types of health and wellness services, such as hospitals and other nonprofit facilities.

With your skills, you may be able to find a job in the following career fields:

Epidemiology and Biostatistics (Sample Job Titles: Epidemic Intelligence Officer, Disease Surveillance Program Coordinator)

Biomedical Research (Sample Job Titles: Clinical Data Management/Utilization Specialist, Medical Writer)

Environmental Health (Sample Job Titles: Superfund Site Coordinator, Industrial Hygienist)

Public Health Administration (Sample Job Titles: Director of Health for Small Agencies, Public Health Program Administrator) *May require a doctoral degree in public health.

Which Online Master’s in Public Health Programs Are Best?

The best online master’s in public health programs will have a unique blend of classroom, online, and on-campus resources to teach you everything from conducting research to the difference between epidemiology and epidemiology. All-inclusive selling courses programs will also provide multiple hands-on opportunities for you to earn your master’s degree. 

A good school will also provide general education classes taught in tandem with coursework specific to the program you are pursuing. If possible, request a list of courses required for admission from an admissions representative at each school. This list should be published online, but it will also help clarify questions about the program. 

How Do I Find an Online Masters in Public Health Program?

When you search for a master’s in the public health program, it can be helpful to use a school comparison tool to see all of your options at once. We have compiled a list of resources that you can use to find public health degree programs and read reviews from current students and alumni that will help you. 

What Is the Average Cost of an Online Masters in Public Health Program?

Generally, the average cost for an online master’s in public health program is about $36,000. This does not include any fees associated with paid online laboratory courses that may be required as a pre-requisite for your program. 

Many programs also offer financial aid to qualified applicants and encourage prospective students to apply early. Financial aid awards can range from scholarships and grants to loans and work-study opportunities. It would help if you also consider earning your master’s while working while enrolled in school.

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