Paid Surveys: How to Make Money Online

The most popular way to make money online is to complete paid surveys. Users answer questions generated by a customer and get paid or points for doing so. Some people do not think that this type of work is real; they think that online paid tasks are a scam. Companies are willing to pay you money to get an opinion about a product, product, service, service features, etc.

What Are Paid Surveys For?

Most people dream of a job where they can earn money by completing simple tasks. It is a simple process that does not require special skills or physical effort. Often, making studies can be done directly on a smartphone through apps. But why would anyone conduct paid surveys? Many stores and firms collect the opinions of customers in this way.

There is massive competition in the market; each company strives to do everything possible to attract consumers’ attention. As a result, you can get paid for online surveys, and the company thus conducts market research. It turns out the population’s opinion about the product’s quality, its advantages, directions that will help improve a particular product, etc.

Scammers often use the way to earn money by completing simple tasks. In order not to come across as an unscrupulous resource, try to collect as much information as possible about the company or site that offers paid surveys. You can also check the list of services at There are collected best and verified sites where you can get paid for online surveys.

Bona fide companies work free and will not require prepayment to access online paid tasks. They will pay cash themselves if you enter the target audience and pass the test.

How Much Can You Earn on Online Paid Tasks?

How much you earn will depend on several factors:

  • The minimum cost of paid surveys set on a particular site;
  • Type of test—general or specialized;
  • The target group you entered as a result of completing the questionnaire;
  • Test size – micro, maxi.
  • Duration by time, etc.

The average cost of a survey is $1. Some top companies pay more, others less. Your final earnings will also depend on how many tests you will be offered to take during the month. It’s only 2-3 online paid tasks. You can withdraw money to PayPal, a bank card, or another convenient way.

Is It Possible to Earn More

Questionnaires for specialists and employees of large companies are always more expensive than tests that any ordinary user can take. Much will depend on the information provided in your application. At the same time, you should not enter false data, with a high probability fraud will be detected quickly.

Here are some tips to help you increase your income:

  • Register at once on several websites;
  • Indicate in the questionnaire as much information about yourself as possible, especially if these are some rare skills, etc.;
  • Install the mobile app to access tests anywhere, if available on the site.

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