Piano movers in Singapore: Let the professionals handle your moving

A piano, which is both heavy and delicate, requires careful and safe protection throughout the significant move. Furthermore, professional piano movers and cutting-edge equipment are necessary to ensure flawless and trouble-free piano moving service in Singapore.

As a result, choosing a reputable piano moving service is the right approach. AZ Movers offers qualified personnel that only moves pianos. Moreover, experienced Singapore house movers are thoroughly educated to operate all types and dimensions of pianos.

In this write-up, you’ll get all the information about AZ movers.

AZ movers- An expert solution in moving service in Singapore

AZ Movers know that relocating a piano is challenging and demanding. You need qualified and expert movers to assist you with your relocation because it is hard to transport a piano alone. AZ movers, one of the Singapore house movers, offer professional piano movers in Singapore.

With our skilled crew and vast expertise in single or bulk piano removal, AZ Movers is the top choice for piano-moving services in Singapore! We are capable of moving your priceless piano safely from location A to location B since we have the necessary equipment and skills.

Why Pick AZ movers piano relocation service?

Hiring an experienced Singapore movers company to relocate your piano from one site to another is always a good idea. They have prior expertise with such instruments, reducing the possibility of harm.

We take great care to comprehend our clients’ demands because every moving process is unique. Due to this, we modify our moving services in Singapore to ensure that we always have repeat business from customers that want moving services.

We may steadily grow the Singapore movers company without sacrificing the standard of our services thanks to word-of-mouth advertising and recommendations from previous clients.

Our offerings for moving services in Singapore:

We protect your belongings as if they were our own, allowing you to relocate worry-free. We have all measures in place to protect your product from damage.

Full carefulness:

During the move, we will take good care of your piano and shield it from any potential harm.

Devoted team:

We offer very Professional piano movers in Singapore who have a lot of experience and skill to move your item.

Protective wrapping:

We include accessories like boxes, bubble wrap, cardboard, and foam so you can prevent damage and give your piano complete protection.

Proper tools:

Our piano movers have the necessary gear and technical expertise to transport your piano properly.

Delicate rate:

Our charges for piano relocation/transportation are fair and adaptable. No Piano movers Singapore price is as reasonable as AZ movers.


AZ Movers may dispose of your piano at the location of your choice. We will accomplish it successfully.


AZ Movers is a dependable brand for safely storing your belongings in our owner-operated warehouse for as long as you need.

Piano Movers Singapore Prices:

When comparing piano movers in Singapore, you will discover that costs vary. This distinction is influenced by the movers’ trustworthiness, expertise, and reviews.

AZ Movers constantly focuses on providing Singapore movers cheap with the highest moving service quality.

Here, we will discuss some of the typical costs of piano movers in Singapore, according to the piano model and other criteria.

  • A digital piano – around $80
  • An upright piano – $110 on average
  • A baby piano – $280
  • A middle-sized grand piano – $550
  • A large-size grand piano – $1300.
  • If stairs are included, the cost increases in proportion to the variety of pianos for relocation. The cost will rise by $250 on average on every staircase or floor.
  • The price of relocating the piano from one house section to another is around $70.

It is usually a good idea to find the moving services in Singapore with the finest reviews when it comes to moving your piano.

What do our clients think?

Excellent service – excellent contractor. All furniture was transported quickly and effectively. I would absolutely recommend AZ movers again. Thank you very much.

Outstanding and prompt service! I was delighted with the quickness of the mover. This Singapore mover cheap is highly recommended!

Moving stuff is quick and easy. Wrapping is appropriately executed. And I would definitely recommend it to my contacts or hire it again if the necessity arises!

 Moving Your Piano:  Allow Our Helpful Experts to Assist You.

Are you fully prepared to get a piano moving service in Singapore? We can transfer any type of piano, whether it is a grand, upright, or electronic one.

Choose AZ piano movers, and we will provide the appropriate protection and shipment of your item based on your budget and the value of your piano.

We are completely confident in our ability to move your piano toward a new house or a location for performance or function. We put a lot of effort into ensuring everything is planned out and packed for the day of actual moving from the moment your relocation is registered.

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