Pillar: what kind of advertising medium?

Pillar: what kind of advertising medium?

There are quite a number of different structures used in outdoor advertising, BSPROMO always has Roll Up publicitario stands available. Recently another one has been added to them, which is called “pillar”, as well as “pillars” and “pillars”. Everyone calls it whatever is convenient, but the first option is the most correct, because that is how the name reads in English and means “pillar”, “column”.

Structurally, the billboard can be in the form of a cylinder, have a two- or three-sided column. The number of sides affects the number of advertising fields, and for a cylindrical design is usually characterized by two fields. However, it all depends on the specific design and purpose of this type of outdoor advertising.

Features of pillars

Pillars combine well with other structures, such as Banderolas Publicitarias or firewalls. Among the main advantages are:

  • Compactness – of course, relative, because the construction can be more than 2 meters in height;
  • Visibility – “columns” are installed in busy streets on the sidewalks, and therefore they are visible to every passerby;
  • Backlighting – in the body there is a built-in lighting system, which lights up the construction, allowing it to be seen in the evening and at night. By the way, in the evening the billboards are even more effective, because they look brighter and more attractive;
  • It is possible to use a roller mechanism for scrolling ads on additional panels;
  • Aesthetics – the appearance of design does not spoil the urban architecture, in fact, can perfectly harmonize with it, fitting into the general style of the city. And the author’s designs even allow you to become a local landmark, near which tourists will be photographed and unknowingly contribute to the advertising.

Speaking of the advantages, it is important to note the disadvantages. First of all, it is quite expensive to make such a structure. This is if we talk about high-quality manufacturing. The high price is due to the need to use special materials, which are not cheap. Plus the arrangement and connection of the lighting system. And, of course, renting space for installation. All this forces the marketer to splurge. However, the payoff from such advertising fully recoups the cost, because the novelty and has been spreading in the EU countries and the USA, and now has reached us.

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